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Duracell UK, :

"Presentation Skills - Extremely helpful course. Well paced, never felt bored. No topic felt redundant. Andrew was extremely friendly and engaging. Good level of interaction between presenter and us. I definitely feel more confident after today. Would recommend it to anyone."

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Cross Cultural Awareness

Building Confidence at Work and in Life

Improve your Memory

Building Rapport

Developing Powerful Relationships through Digital Networking

Personal Branding Awareness

Personal Resilience

Team Work

Advanced Negotiation Skills

Effective Business English

Business Planning

Dealing with Imposter Syndrome

NLP at Work

Building Confidence and Assertiveness at Work: Level 2

Stress Management, Resilience - Working from Home

Time Management, Prioritisation - Working from Home

Virtual training delivery skills

Virtual Train The Trainer

Dealing with Difficult Conversations

Dealing with Difficult People

Personal Leadership

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Effective Feedback

Positive Psychology At Work

Senior Level Communication

Keynote Speaking And Presenting Success

Building Up Confidence At Work And in Life

Developing Personal Impact And Building Productive Relationships

Managing Anger And Aggressive Behaviour

Presentation Master Class

Writing For Blogs And Social Media

Creating Powerful Relationships Through Networking

Speed Reading

Authentic Leadership

Conflict Resolution

Time Management and Prioritisation

Personal Effectiveness & Communication

Telephone Techniques

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Our team provides hands-on, context-rich practical work-shops. They draw upon their considerable real world experience to deliver learning that is valuable and relevant with immediate impact/ROI.

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80,600 testimonials available

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Crown Prosecution Service


Paralegal Officer

The only reason I have put no in my personal objectives is because I was looking for verbatim note taking.
I thoroughly enjoyed the day - Thank you

Bravura Solutions


Consultancy Team Manager

What can be a very scary subject for the participant was dealt with very well - discussing each aspect of a presentation like building blocks; tackling issues, providing examples and helpful tips, giving you the confidence to tackle each aspect one at a time then bringing them all together at the end.

Cruising Association


Admin Coordinator

I really enjoyed the course today and have found it very informative and useful, there are no suggestions as it was much better than I expected!

Trium Environmental Consulting LLP


Senior Environmental Consultant

Not so much a comment on how to do better as Sarah was great today, but it may be worth advising what other courses you’re able to provide training for.

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Training manual sample

Below are some extracts from our Professional Development manuals.

The following is an extract from our soft skills professional training course on Stress Management. This is one of over 50 courses for professionals available at our London offices, or your site UK wide and international. We can create tailored and bespoke training programmes for you and your team.

Creating a Stress-Reducing Lifestyle

Eating Properly

Sticking to a healthy diet is a key part of managing stress. Giving your body the proper fuel will give you the energy you need to battle the harmful effects of stress.

Any changes in diet, sleep, and exercise must be lifestyle-oriented. There are no quick fixes, so try to set small goals for yourself.

Exercising Regularly

Finding time to take care of our bodies is another challenge many of us face. Exercise is an important part of stress reduction for many reasons, including:

  • Exercise makes you stronger, and therefore more resilient to stress
  • Exercise helps clear your mind, reducing the harmful effects of stress
  • Exercise can help you work out the negative emotions that can result from stress, such as anger and frustration.
  • Exercise can also give you time alone to think through stressful situations

Try to find some activities that you enjoy. If you are having trouble finding the time to exercise, try these tips.

  • Take a walk at lunch
  • Walk or bike to or from work
  • Take the stairs instead of the lift
  • Stand when talking on the phone

Remember, diet, sleep, and exercise are all lifestyle changes. Start slowly, build your commitment steadily, and stay positive and focused.


Sleeping Well

  • Try these tips to help you get a good night’s sleep.
  • Use your bed just for sleeping – not for reading, watching TV, working, etc. Likewise, try to sleep just in your bed, not on the couch or in the armchair.
  • Make your bedroom a comfortable place, with curtains to keep light out, an appropriate number of blankets, and no noise or distractions.
  • Try to go to bed and get up around the same time each day.
  • Have a routine before you go to bed. A cup of tea, a few stretches, a few moments of meditation, a warm bath, and quiet music are all great ways to relax.