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About STL

Value, Quality & Innovation

We seek to provide an unrivalled value and quality service, enabled by our unique business model.

STL was first to market with the following innovations:

innovation introduced All feedback broadcast
innovation introduced Reschedule online in seconds
innovation introduced 24 months training support
innovation introduced Courses never cancelled
innovation introduced Industry leading pricing model
innovation introduced Live 12 month schedule/bookings
innovation introduced Transparent quality control

Why do
thousands of
trust us?



Client list

Competitive proposition

Through automation, personnel and organisational efficiency we invest a significantly higher proportion of resources into delivery quality and thus value.

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The organisation has rapidly grown and the value/quality proposition has likewise developed.


Management & Training team

The professionalism and performance of our people is fundamental to us. Our company culture brings together individuals that cooperate through trust. Bureaucracy and micro-management are kept to a minimum. No photocopiers exist and only essential paper documents are retained.

Our working relationships are typified by their openness and the common goal to achieve the best performance in our industry, both personally and organisationally. The team enjoys a high level of decision making authority, allowing flexibility and creativity.

By working with individuals that have the passion and integrity to deliver, the management team is freed from policing and able to focus on continuous improvement. Feedback to drive quality development is continuously applied from a 100% client satisfaction sampling system.

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