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"Introduction to Management - I have found this training course an inspiration and I know it will be a real benefit to me in my working and personal life."

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Strategic Performance Management

Facilitating Successful Remote Meetings

Team Management And Leadership Skills

An Introduction To Strategy

Challenging Conversations - And How To Manage Them

Get The Most From Your Staff

Resilient Thinking For Peak Performance

Dealing With The Imposter Syndrome

Managing, Leading & Supervising

Business Planning

Practical HR Tips For Managers

Change at Work

Motivating Your Team

Building Resilient and Sustainable Team Performance

Influence and Persuasion

Interpersonal Skills

Leadership in Management

Management By Objectives

Meetings at Work

Supervisory Skills


Change Management in the Workplace

Senior managers, leaders, coaching & beyond

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Senior Manager Development

Step Up To Senior Management

Effective Management And Leadership Styles

Leading Managers

Improve Business Process For Real Results

Business Risk Management Workshop

Promoting Your Expertise As An Internal Consultant

Developing Your Corporate Strategy

Using Actors for Coaching And Feedback

Creating A Business Plan

Creating Leadership Coaching

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Our team provides hands-on, context-rich practical work-shops. They draw upon their considerable real world experience to deliver learning that is valuable and relevant with immediate impact/ROI.

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97,377 testimonials available

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Clearstream International UK


Cheryl Grace,
Deputy Facilities Manager

Very effective material with a very interactive trainer. Very engaging and relates to workforce.

World Brands Duty Free Ltd


James Chapple,
Key Account Manager

Really enjoyed the course very informed and useful. It would be good to analyse the negotiations that we practised a little more to look at how people react differently.

University College London


Thulasy Balendra,
Executive Assistant

Very satisifed with this course and to be honest, the first course that I've been on to date which has been truly useful and opened my eyes to how I can improve my performance at work.

AOL UK Limited


Scott Sowden,
Management & Revenue Accountant

Came into the course unaware of what would be discussed yet greatly appreciated the styles and changes offered to better communicate


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Introduction to Management – 3 skills for new Managers

New Managers need to learn and develop certain skills if they are to be successful when leading others and to ensure they help nurture improved productivity, efficiency and performance from their team. They well want to look at London management courses (read more)

Training manual sample

Below are some extracts from our Management Training manuals.

Excerpt from our Introduction to Management manual (for Management Training Courses London)...available as 2 or 1 day management training courses

The Manager’s Role

What is a Manager?

In the context of business organisation, management might be described as follows:

Managers’ Responsibilities:
- Meet busines s goals, vision, and objectives
- Supervise and be responsible for the performance of team members
- Hire, train, and develop employees
- Identify prob lems and come up with solutions
- Share responsibility for the growth and success of the company

Effective Management:
- Task oriented
- Develops strategies to reach goals
- Uses job descriptions to define how work is done
- Goals are based on the organisation's priorities
- Predicts and adapts to change
- Consistently evaluates and looks for ways to improve current methods

Efficient Management:
- Work oriented
- Strives to keep the present system running well
- Adheres strictly to job requirements
- Avoids arbitrary change
- Monitors work and procedures

Action Centred Management

John Adair proposes the following, much simpler, model for leadership:

Task --> Individual --> Team

The elements are interlinked, which means that efforts in any of the three aspects will impact the other two.

We can then explore the manager's responsibilities through each of these lenses:

- Understand
- Enable
- Provide feedback
- Develop
- Grow
- Provide feedback

- Set standards
- Define task
- Prioritise
- Monitor
- Control
- Report
- Review

- Create environment
- Resolve conflict
- Establish standards
- Encourage
- Keep focus
- Lead
- Build

Some General FAQ's:

- Where can I attend management courses London? You can attend our management training course London public schedule at our venues or at your offices, UK wide and international.

- What's the format of training I can expect? Whether you are taking management courses in London or the comfort of your office location, our training is practical hands-on instructor led sessions. They are highly interactive and designed for you to implement your new found skills and knowledge immediately after training. You also get 2 years post training support via our online support forum.

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