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Managing Difficult StaffManaging Difficult Staff

The Challenge of People - Getting others on-side

Face to face / Virtual public schedule & onsite training. Restaurant lunch included at STL venues.

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Are you a newly promoted Supervisor or Team Leader? An incumbent Manager looking for greater flexibility in your approach to handling difficult staff related issues? Or someone whose old techniques of staff management are becoming outdated? Then this course is for you. It's designed to give you a strong foundation, in both practise and dialogue, to support you in the most challenging of interactive situations.

Leading teams can be fraught with personality issues, personnel challenges, and even an abrasive too-and-fro dynamic between individuals which can cripple productivity, produce unwarranted stress,
be a catalyst for an increase in the turnover of key team members and a decrease in the number of down days due to illness and poor motivation.

The course will have you looking at typical challenges facing teamwork, setting goals, motivating staff, handling conflict situations and more, to help you gain the confidence to apply some strategies for effective people management.

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