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Training manual sample

Below are some extracts from our Power BI Reporting manual.

What is Power BI Desktop?

BI_desktopMuch like the Power BI cloud service, Power BI Desktop provides businesses with a powerful analytics and data visualisation solution. It helps businesses understand large sets of data from data sources such as Excel spreadsheets and databases.

It can be used to calculate things such as your monthly sales profits and help you make smarter business decisions powered by data that your business collects. The data can be visualised into unique graphics that help you understand the data more easily, and these insights can be embedded in other apps and websites.

It supports hundreds of different data sources to ensure that your business doesn’t need to change its workflow to support Power BI Desktop. The software works in real-time to provide up-to-date analytics and insights for your business.

Power BI Desktop vs Power BI

supports_dataPower BI Desktop supports many more data sources




BI_themesIt supports different themes that can be personalised by the business




BI_modellingIt supports shaping and modelling of data




BI_pythonIt can be customised further using the Python programming language to generate unique visualisations




BI_shareIt cannot be shared as easily as the cloud-based Power BI service




Power Analytics With Simple-To-Use Tools

BI_graphical_ExcelPower BI Desktop enables anyone to create advanced graphical representations of analytics with familiar tools that are similar to Microsoft Excel



BI_no_technoIt doesn’t require technical knowledge and the interface is intuitive to use, meaning anyone can take advantage of its powerful tools



BI_more_controlIt features advanced tools that can give users more control once they’re more familiar with the software




Simple Integration With Existing Software

BI_hundreds_sourcesPower BI Desktop can grab data from hundreds of sources such as Excel, SharePoint, Azure SQL DB and Dynamics 365



BI_update_dynamicData is updated dynamically, meaning all of the integrations you create are automatically kept up to date




BI_insightsThis provides your business with actionable insights even if you lead a dynamic business that changes its goals frequently



Easy Ways to Publish Your Reports

BI_publish_rightsPower BI Desktop allows you to easily publish your reports so you can provide them to those that need it




BI_mobile_optYou can create mobile-optimised reports at the push of a button so that the data is easy to understand and read regardless of the device



BI_embedYou can embed reports created in Power BI Desktop into websites and existing apps to make the data more accessible

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