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Project Management Courses London

Face to face public schedule & onsite training. Restaurant lunch included at STL venues.

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Attending the foundation Introduction to Project Management course london will provide individuals with the basics of planning, time management, budgeting and more.

Project management training London can be held in our numerous training centres (across London), or rather at a location to suit you.

Part of our Management Training Courses London portfolio.

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Training manual sample

Below are some extracts from our Introduction to Project Management manual.

Fundamentals of Project Management

What is a project?

How can we manage something if we can’t define it?


·         What are the key characteristics of a project?

·         What makes a project different from the normal daily tasks? How is this different to business as usual (BAU)?

Key Characteristics

Projects are unique, temporary endeavours undertaken to achieve a desired outcome. Projects bring about change

Purposeful – they are fulfilling some kind of need

A way of achieving an objective or strategic goal

Temporary – have a defined start point and end point

Have a life-cycle – distinct phases which have their own challenges and characteristics

Unique – each project is unlike any other project. It may be similar to other projects; never exactly the same

Complex – many separate but connected tasks, many of them are interdependent


Projects are Different

VUCA Environment






Projects (VUCA) versus                             BAU

Unique                                                         Repetitive

Defined start and finish                            On-going

Involve uncertainty                                    Based on experience

Have a specifically assembled team       Established resources

Dynamic environment                              Stable environment


Project Variables


·         What are our components and tools?

·         What variables do we need to manage?


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