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Project Management - Managing Teams & StakeholdersProject Management - Managing Teams & Stakeholders

Communication, Project Leadership, Project Politics and Gathering Requirements

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Training manual sample

Below are some extracts from our Project Management - Managing Teams & Stakeholders manual.

Who’s who and what do they do?

• Decides if a project will go ahead.
• Assigns a Project Manager.
• Sets the budget
• Agrees the timeline
• Signs off on decisions, deliverables and changes
• Provides guidance and support to Project Manager
• Reads update reports
• Communicates with Project Manager
Project Manager
• Reports to Sponsor
• Plans the project
• Organises resources
• Oversees the execution of the plan
• Makes decisions
• Monitors progress against KPIs
• Controls variables
• Manages change
• Leads the team
• Sets and manages expectations
• Communicates with all
Team Leader
• Reports to Project Manager
• Leads a specific team during the project
• Provides input into decision making
• Provides coaching or training to team members
• Ensures all activities align to deliverables
• Identifies and reports any risk
• Monitors quality of deliverables
• Keeps team informed
Specialists and Experts
• Contribute to the business plan in the initiation stage
• Help the Project Manager scope the project
• Help the Project Manager with Risk Management
• Provide specialist advice and expertise throughout the project as
• Report to the Project Manager
Team Members
• Deliver what they are asked or told to do
• Raise risks
• Meet KPIs
• Ask questions
• Communicate and share information

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