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Our training team

We have developed one of the most experienced and highest motivated training teams in the UK.

Our training team - Certifications


  Chartered Instittue of Management Accountants Microsoft Certified Trainer
Prince 2 Practitioner Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Microsoft Certified Professional
Training Accreditation Programme Microsoft Office Specialist Master Instructor Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist

Experience and certifications

Whilst our trainers have all the relevant certifications you would expect, this is combined with an extensive track record of delivery.


Team motivation

We've made our trainers central to the business.

They are our experts and we have motivated them accordingly.

They share:

Dramatically Improved Performance
  • Our performance incentive scheme
  • Higher than industry average income
  • Flexible working arrangements
  • The aspiration to be the best
  • A commitment to continuous development
  • A culture of trust replacing bureaucracy

Trainer testimonials



Delegate feedback historical record - STL
The organisation has rapidly grown and the
value/quality proposition has likewise developed.

Trainer testimonials:


  • Full-time trainer

    While with STL I had opportunities to develop my own knowledge and skills by sitting in on some of my colleagues' courses. This was most valuable when preparing for my own delivery and I was able to witness a range of different training styles and I was able to learn something from each of them.

    The delegates who attend courses with STL are of the highest calibre from a wide range of professions. It has been a pleasure to provide a service to them.

    I find myself leaving STL due to practical and domestic reasons. I have mixed feelings about it, because while I am looking forward to a change and new challenges, I recognise that I will be missing out on the opportunity to develop further as a work-based training professional. I will also miss being part of a great team.

  • Full-time trainer

    Although I have only been employed as a trainer with STL for about 6 months, it has been a refreshing and rewarding experience. I feel privileged to be part of a small team, having such a major impact on the delivery of training in and around London.

    I have been made to feel valued - and that my opinion matters - by the management team who are able to maintain great communication links while minimising bureaucracy. Trainers are given enough supervision to be supported without feeling constrained or restricted. I have nothing but admiration and respect for those who run the business so efficiently.

    As someone used to working unsupervised, it is a pleasant experience to be part of a culture which places trust and responsibility on the individual.

    I have the pleasure of working with a talented and diverse group of professionals at STL. My colleagues are extremely supportive and encouraging when called on, but never interfering.

  • Full-time Trainer

    I enjoy working for STL, as we seem to have a group of people that pull together to strive to enhance the company reputation and services we offer. The team of trainers are very friendly, knowledgeable and sociable.

    It is a very pleasant and happy environment to work in. Over the past two years, thanks to STL, I have been able to develop my skills in Access and Excel VBA. The company provides development paths and targets that are obtainable and back you every inch of the way.

    Everyone in the company is always approachable and you feel that you have their 100% support.

  • Full-time Trainer

    I have always found STL to be an outstanding company to deliver training for. Their online systems minimise the paperwork and bureaucracy that are typical of the training world.

    Work arrangements are flexible; and are usually based within an area local to the trainer, reducing commuting time.

    I would not hesitate to recommend STL to any trainer who wishes to work with a forward-thinking, innovative and quality-driven training provider.

  • Full-time Trainer

    Having recently celebrated my 20th year of IT training, I’ve worked for several providers in that time and would say my last 3 years working for STL have proved the most organised and professionally run.

    The whole staff are friendly and very approachable at any time.

    They continually encourage trainer development to ensure we all deliver to the highest standard. The whole team at STL work together, whether the trainers exchange new found skills or helping sales and admin staff to provide clients the best possible advice when booking courses.

    There are plenty of opportunities for trainers to be involved in all aspects of the training process, from initial consultancy, development of bespoke course-ware through to delivery.

    I have found STL outstanding in their professional approach to quality training, always listening and encouraging trainer feedback and new innovations in delivery. I am looking forward to a long and prosperous career here at STL and would recommend the company to any trainers who are considering their own future in IT or Soft Skills Training.

  • Doug Dunn

    Working for STL for the past 5 and a half years has been a real pleasure. From the start, I felt part of a very friendly team and always able to approach management about any matter. I like the positive customer-oriented approach adopted at STL. Everyone comes from service rather than his or her own individual needs, which has contributed to their growing success as a leading training company.

    The training opportunities at STL have been perfect for me, across the whole Microsoft Office suit. During my time with them, I developed many new skills including delivery of Excel Dashboards, Excel Advanced Formulas and Functions, Excel VBA Advanced and MS Project Advanced. I helped to develop some of these courses and wrote several of the course manuals.

    As well as growth and development opportunities, the company remuneration process has always been easy and problem free. I have attending many social dinners funded for by company. They really helped us get to know each other and led to an enjoyable working experience in the office. Unlike other IT training companies I have worked for, there is no divide between sales and training at STL.

    Being self-employed with a regular annual contract really worked for me. I have been able to take regular holidays and manage my finances effectively. I felt sufficient trust with the company to share my plans for early retirement, which has worked out better than expected including an offer to continue with part-time freelance work if I want it going forward.

    Recently I have noticed a shift in the brand integrity at STL. Changes in practices seem to be happening all the time and all for the better. I am looking forward to seeing how things develop in the future.

    Overall, my experience with STL had been awesome! Thanks to a wonderful team of trainers, sales, operations and management staff, it has been a period of my working life that I will always remember very fondly.

    Thank you

  • Full-time Trainer

    I've worked with STL for nearly four years and one of the things that stands out for me is you get to work with a great team of trainers who are all professional, switched on. I have also found the delegates to be consistently highly motivated.

    It makes such a difference delivering training to groups who really want to learn and can see how they will put their new skills and knowledge into practice.

    The organisation is very dynamic which means there are lots of opportunities to develop your skills and take on new challenges. If you have an interest in building skills in a particular area such as consulting, soft skills or programming then let the team know and they will do what they can to accommodate.

  • Freelance Trainer

    It is now some four to five years since I first worked as a freelance trainer with STL. Since that time I have watched them grow from a relatively small company into one of the largest IT training organisations in the country. But their staff have lost none of that enthusiasm you see in small dynamic organisations.

    As a freelancer they are great to work with. When they book you for a course it stays booked. No cancellations, no requests to accept a lower fee because a course is not full, up to date IT equipment with correctly installed software, a help line available to assist with any technical problems. And, most importantly, payment on time every time! The word 'trust' is used on their web site. It is very apt.

    So, four to five years down the line I still work with STL and hope to continue to do so.

Client testimonials:


  • Special Olympics Great Britain
    Events Management Coordinator

    I thoroughly enjoyed the course, many thanks for all the great tips on how to use Project.

  • 4 New Square
    IT Manager
    Ian Wheeler

    STL have provided us with an excellent service.

    From the booking process straight through to completion of the training on site all ran smoothly and the training was top notch and tailored to the individual.

    I won't hesitate booking them again, in fact I'm doing so after writing this review!

  • Cabinet Office
    Corporate Team Manager

    I found STL's website easy to use, all the information I required was available on their website and the booking process was quick and easy.

    Overall, I am very happy with STL, their booking process and also the customer service I have received following booking my course.

  • PruHealth Ltd
    Business Consultant
    Anthony Cook

    Excellent. Myself and 2 colleagues had STL visit us for on-site training for the Excel VBA 2003. We all had different requirements and the course covered a wide variety of topics, with good practical examples which made the learning more contextual.

    The trainer was receptive to our learning styles and measured the pace accordingly. The course was good value for money, and when you consider that there are complementary places available following the course, this really helps persuade whoever is paying the bill that it is money well spent!

  • easyJet
    Ronnie M

    Found the course excellent and top value!

  • Standard Chartered Bank
    Louise Saunders

    I thought this course was very well run and at just the right speed. Trainer was excellent.

  • Hilton Hotels
    Revenue Analyst
    Laura McParland

    Great course aided by the fact we had a great trainer. Really helpful, understanding, enthusiastic.

  • Age Concern Redbridge
    Gary Heather

    The courses have been of the highest quality dealing with practical use of the applications and covering areas which most delegates would be applying in their work environment. The training materials and post course support offered are excellent. The trainers are knowledgeable, personable and enthusiastic and demonstrated the rare ability to meet the needs of delegates with differing levels of need and differing expectation.

    I would unreservedly recommend STL training to anyone wishing to improve practical skills, understanding and experience.

  • Lloyds TSB
    Amanda Howell

    Really useful course, which was tailored to suit our needs, much of the information we were given and taught will come in very useful within the office environment

  • Unilever
    Global R2R Operations Manager

    My instructor was brilliant. Really personable and knowledgeable.

    He was great at explaining things in a simple and understandable way.

  • Fred Perry
    HR Manager
    Cathy Bonner

    Excellent service and flexibility. We have used STL for a number of years for our IT training and have always found them to be professional and reliable from booking to delivery of training through to delegate feedback.

  • Rabobank International
    Head Of Libor Based Trading & Commodities
    Steven Foster

    Nothing critical to add - I really enjoyed the course. Thank you!

  • The Spirit Pub Company
    CRM Manager

    Really enjoyed the course. Found it incredibly useful and covered everything I needed at this stage. Will really help me with my work, saving me time and allowing me to carry out greater analysis.

    Sales Co-Ordinator
    Jeydine Duncan

    I think this course has actually helped to halve my workload. The trainer was knowledgeable,helpful and patient, just great!

  • House of Commons
    Max Mercier

    Excellent training presentation and facilities.

  • Cancer Research UK
    Dr Angela Patikis

    We will certainly look to work with STL again and would happily recommend their services.

  • The Body Shop
    International E-Commerce Manager
    Oliver Rogers

    Everything was great, learned a lot and would recommend to anyone.

  • Zurich Insurance Company
    Global Change Assistant
    Rosie Davvies

    A great course, would recommend to friends and colleagues.

  • Kaspersky Lab Europe
    Dave Whittles

    Excellent quality, met all my requirements

  • Beyond Analysis Ltd
    Accounts Assistant
    Cassandra Bradley

    Course was not what I had expected at all in the best possible sense. The Trainer was friendly and made the course material interesting and relevant with great examples of where functions could be applied and held my attention through the entire session. Topics covered were practical and will be extremely useful when applied at work. Thank you, STL.


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