Instructor-led training -

NLP at WorkNLP at Work

Face to face / Virtual closed & onsite training. Restaurant lunch included at STL venues.

  • 1 day Instructor-led workshop
NLP at Work can be applied to every aspect of how you function in the day to day work situation, including the world of influence, communication, negotiation, teamwork, coaching and much more. It allows for practical and effective use of your unconscious abilities to forge teams, successful manifestation of goals, strategies and sound human relationships. Its core purpose is to reveal who we are as human beings, our behaviour patterns, dreams and challenges.

Essentially, it helps us become everything we can be and encompasses the very essence of excellence. By modelling on those who display the behaviours you seek in yourself, it is then that you start to see a difference in your experience: behaviours and situations that once were difficult to manifest now become easier to access.

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