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Dealing with Imposter SyndromeDealing with Imposter Syndrome

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Do you feel proud of your accomplishments in life? When you are given a raise or a promotion do you feel you deserve it? Or is it a moment of dread that one day you'll be found out to not be the expert you've said you are, the singer who is really only second grade, or that everything that has brought you to where you are is a mistake?
If you are experiencing feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt, you'll be surprised that Imposter Syndrome is typically associated with high achievers. Some 70% of people experience this at some time in their lives. As we become more specialised in a particular subject, we become more aware we become of the gaps in our knowledge which can bring on feelings of being “not quite good enough.”.
The course examines the Imposter Syndrome, where it stems from and offers tips and techniques and strategies to overcome it. Through these you will be able to confirm and acknowledge your capabilities.

Training manual sample

Below are some extracts from our Dealing with Imposter Syndrome manual.

21 ways to Overcome Imposter Syndrome.

These include

·       acceptance

·       providing value

·       receiving compliments

·       testimonials

·       self-exposition

·       experimentation

·       acknowledgement

·       you can be wrong and it’s ok

·       Feeling that you belong

·       Stop feeling that you’ll be punished or will die

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