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Maximising Sales on the PhoneMaximising Sales on the Phone

Face to face / Virtual public schedule & onsite training. Restaurant lunch included at STL venues.

From £495 List price £650

29- years old in 1876, Mr Bell could hardly have imagined the power his invention would wield in the 21st century. From old fashioned call-centres to the isolated Rep stuck on hands-free in gridlock, the ability to build sales and strengthen far-reaching networks has become as much a skill of innovation as the original inventor's first, detailed drawings.
As with any invention, User guides will be continually updated, and so must we, with knowledge of function and new ways of interacting. This once humble device can, in virtual-reality, be the life-support for companies globally. The millennial age has changed the way we connect and do business. Cold calls and Sales Leads now have a battery life. The question is how to survive and thrive. This course has the potential to realise your potential.

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