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RepliesTitlePosted byDate
1FunctionsLuciana2 Mar 2023
2Finding duplicates in multiple worksheetsLaura3 Mar 2023
1Formatting data across multiple sheets Daniel3 Mar 2023
1Power pivot/power queryAlex6 Mar 2023
1DATEDIF function - calc no. of months when above 1 yearJessica7 Mar 2023
5SUM by Cell ColourMillie7 Mar 2023
1IF FunctionsVicki8 Mar 2023
1How to work out someone's age on excelNiamh10 Mar 2023
1Data Validation - have I broken Excel? It has mixed views on theMartin17 Mar 2023
1Finding data in a different sheet and linking it to a new oneAimee23 Mar 2023
2INDEXChantae27 Mar 2023
1N/aMohammed14 Apr 2023
1Locking data in a cell Daniel18 Apr 2023
4Frequency functionFlorentin18 Apr 2023
1Power Query data format Filip24 Apr 2023
1Conditional formattingGeorgia24 Apr 2023
1Values in multiple sheets pulled to 1 sheet as a summaryDale25 Apr 2023
6Linking multiple sheets, REF! ErrorGhilaine27 Apr 2023
1Future trainingsNafiur9 May 2023
1Looking up if people have data in either of both of a few collumKate9 May 2023
1Can you use a list of codes to sort through masses of data and fJoanne11 May 2023
2Combining COUNTIF and LEFT Functions in Conditional FormattingJonathan19 May 2023
2Data inputXell23 May 2023
1Power Query - Group byAngela24 May 2023
3Multiple worksheets data - delete unwanted data - consolidate daGhilaine1 Jun 2023
1Templates for a worksheetMark1 Jun 2023
1Please can you help me reinstate my 'Format' box in the toolbar?Fiona5 Jun 2023
2Filter options MissingFleur13 Jun 2023
3NETWORK CalculationKay15 Jun 2023
2Shared Documents/SpreadsheetsAlix16 Jun 2023
1Advanced Excel training materialMichelle4 Jul 2023
1Formulas in generalIain5 Jul 2023
1Formula 50% of figure in previous column?Sheila5 Jul 2023
1Highlighting Duplicates and Merging them at the same timeKlaudia5 Jul 2023
1The dollar sign Valerie11 Jul 2023
1Cross workbook cell transfersJoshua14 Jul 2023
3XLOOKUPElizabeth14 Jul 2023
1Want to know more on Pivot tables automatic update.Bamfoa17 Jul 2023
1CodingAidan18 Jul 2023
1Scenario Summary Emma18 Jul 2023
1Pivot tablesHelen25 Jul 2023
1Can you share Macros on Excel with other people? To be used acroJonathan25 Jul 2023
1How to use pivot tablesKathleen1 Aug 2023
1Presenting/Converting excel data into visual chartRachel1 Aug 2023
1Data ValidationRyan8 Aug 2023
3Online support Marieta15 Aug 2023
1Calculating difference between datesUday18 Aug 2023
4Bring info from one worksheet to another - sum up volumeManuela21 Aug 2023

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