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Medium025 Jun 2024Automatically updating Master Spreadsheet
We use Excel to track our spend so we have sheets that correspond to e
Medium024 Jun 2024A Consultative Approach to End User Sales Course
Please can I have a copy of the recently (22/23 May) supplied training
High219 Jun 2024Conditional formatting - Creating a formula
I have a spreadsheet of data that currently has a conditional formatti
Low117 Jun 2024Comparing 2 lists of data
I work with student data and often would like to see whether the same
High114 Jun 2024Quickparts
I have a documents that has a series of quick parts throughout with a
Medium313 Jun 2024Pivot Table
I have a dataset consisting of Date and Time data (in separate columns
Medium16 Jun 2024Function to change a text date to a short date format within one
I often download data in the wrong format for the date, it appears as
Medium15 Jun 2024Jens - tool to assess data cleanliness and identify spelling mis
Hello! I completed with training with Jens last month and I remembe
Urgent123 May 2024setting up an annual leave spread sheet
I would like info on this, as I need to create a new spread sheet for
Low18 May 2024Ranking data and keeping the other data on the same row linked t
How to work with the pivot table and make sure the values don't 'chang
Low330 Apr 2024Annualised Financial Year
I have data for hundreds for non-conformances, I will make a reference
Medium53 Apr 2024Calendar Granularity Dynamic Axis
Hello again Jens, I have emailed you some screenshots for this. I


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