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Low117 Oct 2019Entering dates in a cell as calender
Hello, We have a spreadsheet of customer artefacts where we enter d
Low016 Oct 2019PowerPoint
Do pictures from online sources (insert images online pictures) update
High114 Oct 2019Append data into an SQL db
Hi Guys - SQL question not a access vba question. if anyone knows.
Medium111 Oct 2019Testing Skills learnt
Hi, I was wondering if you could recommend any products or service
Low110 Oct 2019formatting cells
How do I show - instead of 0 in cells (almost like accounting format w
High310 Oct 2019Dynamic Tables
Hi, i have specific questions that i felt on the training I had a gras
Urgent37 Oct 2019Inconsistent State Error, Urgent
Hi Jens & All, i need some urgent help with this. I intermi
Low42 Oct 2019Dynamic Tables
Hi I am trying to add additional information into a table, but it w
Medium117 Sep 2019Changing file location after creating a dashboard
Morning, I'm still having access issues with IT so to speed things
Medium33 Sep 2019Show total donations by category in 1 column - then show the sam
My scenario is this: - I have donations in a data table by campaign
Urgent228 Aug 2019Open a record set with a dynamic date
Hi Guys, I want to store all the records of a select query in an re


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