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Medium022 Feb 2024Filtering/returning most recent record
If I run a list of employees and salary history, some will have multip
High021 Feb 2024Power BI - Measures to show a list of values
Hi, Could you please let me know how to get the results from the be
Medium121 Feb 2024PowerBI Dates table
Hi I attended the Power BI Course with Jens on Monday and thought I h
Low117 Jan 2024Content
Can we get both Part A and Part B Excel files including formulas in it
Medium515 Jan 2024Any reason why a dataset filtered the same way would appear diff
Hi there, I have a report that I am using to track internal Activi
Low110 Jan 2024Data Analysis
Looking to get some help on Analysis tool pack. Regression, Anova,
Low17 Dec 2023Transforming data
Hi I have some questions re transforming data - not in the normal way
High130 Sep 2021IFs
Hello, It's easier to attach an excel spreadsheet here to explain


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