annualised financial year

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Annualised Financial Year

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Annualised Financial Year

I have data for hundreds for non-conformances, I will make a reference table to create financial years.

What would be the best way to create an annualised DAX formula that didn't need manual intervention each year?

RE: Annualised Financial Year

Hi Michael,

Thankyou for your question to the forum

In order to help solve your problem, I will need some more detail, ie. a sample of your data. You can block out any sensitive info. Please send it to:

Also, I assume when you mention a reference table to create financial years, you mean a date table. If you could send this as well, that would be great

Kind regards

RE: Annualised Financial Year


So I have three tables:

1) A Financial Year Table FY[] that has a column a month year "MMM YYYY" and one for the corresponding Financial Year

Jan 2024 | FY24

2) I have a DateDimension Table that contains every date until 2044, it also relates the month year column from Financial Year table, so that it links the FY to a specific date

3) I have a raw data table that contains all quality defects raised by a customer, this table contains the date the defect was raised in the system and the type of defect.

My goal is to have a pareto of the top defect types by financial year (including annualised for current Financial year). The struggle is that when we are in FY24, i would like to have it annualised, so that I can see where we are headed improving or deteriorating.

Do you have any ideas for a measure and calculation that could link these tables?



RE: Annualised Financial Year

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your follow up information explaining your specific issue around annualising main defects for a financial year.

It sounds like want you need is very complex so I'm not able to give you a finished solution. However, what I can suggest is a way to annualise in a dynamic way the count of defects based on how far into the financial year the defect occurred:

DIVIDE(COUNT([KMS Main Defects])*365.25,

I hope this measure goes some way to arriving at a solution

Kind regards
(IT Trainer)


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