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RepliesTitlePosted byDate
4Power BI - Conditional FormattingEdmund15 Aug 2019
1Value decimal placesLaura20 Aug 2019
1Formatting numbers in a visualHannah23 Aug 2019
1Moving a calculated measure from one table to anotherHannah23 Aug 2019
1Calculations New Quick Measure on laptopHannah23 Aug 2019
1Dates, time intelligenceRani30 Aug 2019
3Show total donations by category in 1 column - then show the samChristian3 Sep 2019
1Changing file location after creating a dashboardDavid17 Sep 2019
1Customising DatesHelen18 Sep 2019
2Count the number of unique visits (date for each customer)Christian20 Sep 2019
1Query using SumIF for a group Clive24 Sep 2019
3New MeasureLesley21 Oct 2019
2TopNLou21 Oct 2019
2DAX FormulaLesley23 Oct 2019
1If statements and date differences for values on separate tablesLou23 Oct 2019
7Power BI - averages and calculations for forecastingHelen24 Oct 2019
3YTD sum not working when linked to custom dates tableKeith24 Oct 2019
1YTD and Current Month Bars on a Stacked ColumnMitesh25 Oct 2019
3Formatting Data labels on a Clustered Column ChartMitesh25 Oct 2019
5Cumulative GivingLou28 Oct 2019
1Power bi publishingRachael6 Nov 2019
1Time calculationsHelen8 Nov 2019
5Power BI - Total value of stacked bar chart changes when I add vMichael15 Nov 2019
4DAX CalculationsLesley21 Nov 2019
3Editing a Column in data sourceLou28 Nov 2019
1Visualisation InteractionsLesley29 Nov 2019
1Time IntelligenceLesley4 Dec 2019
2Stacked Column ChartsLou10 Dec 2019
5DashboardLisa17 Dec 2019
2Embed/Display PDF files in PowerBI reportsMatthew2 Jan 2020
1Pulling in data from Hubspot to PBILisa6 Jan 2020
4Publishing a Power BI ReportAnthony13 Jan 2020
2'Get Data' from the WebAkash14 Jan 2020
1Text Box Formatting OptionsAkash16 Jan 2020
1Power Query M languageAkash23 Jan 2020


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