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RepliesTitlePosted byDate
1Month order on chartFaye9 Oct 2023
2Date slicer with 'not'Grazi12 Oct 2023
1PowerBIEni12 Oct 2023
7Calculated field that uses dynamic filter or any way of doing thGrazi13 Oct 2023
1Automatically refreshing dataset and dashboard Georgia24 Oct 2023
1Creating a calculation for Average headcount based on specific cDaniel2 Nov 2023
2RelationshipsSteve8 Nov 2023
11How to show time over 24 hoursSteven8 Nov 2023
1ExcelGal8 Nov 2023
2Power BI report to update daily automatically from a Microsoft fGordon23 Nov 2023
2Cumulative sum - Start time as Categories & Count of Start time Katherine7 Dec 2023
1Transforming dataDawn7 Dec 2023
1Filtering in Power BI desktopBen19 Dec 2023
11Date spreadsheet from courseCraig20 Dec 2023
1Power BI DAX expression helpAzum9 Jan 2024
1Linking ChartsLisa11 Jan 2024
5Any reason why a dataset filtered the same way would appear diffAngus15 Jan 2024
1Layout of Excel spreadsheet for Power BILisa25 Jan 2024
1Power BI on shared driveLisa29 Jan 2024
1Power BI Amrit31 Jan 2024
1Dynamic values in text boxDavid6 Feb 2024
1How to overwrite an existing table in PBI Gordon6 Feb 2024
1PowerBI Dates tableHayley21 Feb 2024
0Power BI - Measures to show a list of valuesAndres21 Feb 2024

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