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Customise colours with hash values

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Customise colours with hash values

Good morning STL. Yesterday Jens helped with a query regarding customised colours for Power BI. Does Power BI accept CNYK values, or is it just RGB?

RE: Customise colours with hash values

Hello Craig,

Thankyou for your question to the forum.

Because Power BI reports are mainly screen based, the colour system will be RGB (Red, Green, Blue). For any printed material the system used is CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black). So as far as I know, Power BI only supports RGB and hexi-decimal values - ie. using the # symbol to denote precise colour matches.

To change the colour values in Power BI desktop, go to VIEW > THEMES > CUSTOMISE CURRENT THEMES. Under 'Theme colours' use the drop down for each colour to edit the RGB or Hex value.

Hope this is helpful

Kind regards
Martin Sutherland
(IT Trainer)

RE: Customise colours with hash values

Thank you Martin.


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