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Date slicer with 'not'

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Date slicer with 'not'

Hello :-)

Is it possible to have a date slicer which would be filtering what's not on that date range?

I have a 'closed date' and I want people to be able to filter all cases / data where 'closed' date was NOT in that range...

Thank you!

RE: Date slicer with 'not'

Hi Grazi,

Thankyou for your question to the forum.

To the best of my knowledge there is no way for a slicer in Power BI to filter visuals outside a selected date range. The only work around I can suggest is using the Filter pane:

1. Create a table with the all the 'closed dates'

2. In the Filter pane under 'Filters on this page' drag the relevant date field into the 'Add data fields here' bucket

Say you wanted to exclude all dates in 2022:

3. Choose 'Advanced filtering' from the filter type drop down and set 'is before' 01/01/2022.

4. Then select the 'Or' radio button and select 'is after' 31/12/2022

5. Hit the 'Apply filter'

I hope this helps in arriving at some kind of solution

Kind regards
Martin Sutherland
(IT Trainer)

RE: Date slicer with 'not'

Thank you Martin.

I'll have a go trying to do it this way. Thanks


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