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Dynamic values in text box

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Dynamic values in text box

I attended the DAX training a few weeks ago and was shown how to add a dynamic value in a text box. However, I can't use the function on my own data set. Is there a setting I need to change?

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RE: dynamic values in text box

Hi David,

Thank you for the forum question.

When you write "how to add a dynamic value in a text box" we on the course referenced measures and we used the Q&A tool. If you want to display the result of a measure you should without changing settings just be able to write the name of the measure in the dialog box you get by a click on +value in the text box toolbar.

If you want to use the Q&A tool, it should be available for you if it is not turned off in your options. Check Options -> Current File -> Data Load and make sure the Q&A tool is ticked.

To get dynamic text from the Q&A tool can be difficult. Power BI needs to fully understand your question.

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