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Templates for a worksheet

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Templates for a worksheet

Is there a way to define the lay out of a worksheet before it is opened for the first time?

RE: Templates for a worksheet

Hello Mark,

Thank you for your question to the forum.

In Excel, you can create a template so that when you open a new file for the first time it always opens the original document. Here's how to do it:

1. Set up your spreadsheet to the content and structure you want for your template. This can include standard colours and formatting for title/headings etc. Any formulas can also be included.

2. Now go to FILE > SAVE AS > BROWSE and in the 'Save As' dialog box, go to the 'Save as Type' drop down. Select Excel Template from the list. Notice the file path at the top shows where it will be saved ie. ending in Document > Custom Office Templates. This is really useful to navigate to this location if you ever need to edit an existing template. Click Save.

3. When you are ready to use a template, open Excel and go to FILE > NEW. You will see 2 menu options OFFICE and PERSONAL. Click on PERSONAL to reveal your template

4. Use the template to enter whatever data is required and then click SAVE. This will automatically convert to SAVE AS where the Save as Type is set to a standard Excel Workbook. Save this to your preferred location on your device.

I hope this helps and please let us know if you need any more support

Kind regards


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