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RepliesTitlePosted byDate
1Csv filesMatthew5 May 2021
2Conditional FormattingGiulia14 May 2021
1I will come back with questions Chidinma14 May 2021
1Excel Advanced BooksJose14 May 2021
1Counts in a listJane24 May 2021
2FunctionsJo8 Jun 2021
3ChartsDavid16 Jun 2021
2Reporting on cells common to different worksheetsKate19 Jun 2021
1Create a new workbook for each row in a shared work bookBhakti22 Jun 2021
1Index, Pivot TablesAlhagie22 Jun 2021
1Vloop upsBede29 Jun 2021
3Auto filled Emails Anna13 Jul 2021
1XLOOKUPRobin26 Jul 2021
1Conditional FormattingCharlotte28 Jul 2021
4Struggling with pivot tableBeth4 Aug 2021
1Excel AssistanceTeresa16 Sep 2021
1ExcelGeorge17 Sep 2021
1ClockGeorge28 Sep 2021
1MacrosDavid28 Sep 2021
1IFsMieko30 Sep 2021
1Formatting of numbersRiz1 Oct 2021
1Countif Function not counting all the values in rangeKay4 Oct 2021
6Excel Ségolène6 Oct 2021
1Pivot tablesBaljinder12 Oct 2021
1Look upKeith8 Nov 2021
1IF FunctionClare11 Nov 2021
1Dynamic tableNeda15 Nov 2021
1Excel in MS Teams Jamie25 Nov 2021
1How do you change the colour of the box Louisa29 Nov 2021
2Pre populating cells based on what has been selectedJanine29 Nov 2021
1Power Query Editor-ExcelPaul1 Dec 2021
1IF functions and VlookupsNicole15 Dec 2021
1Working with DatesCarmel16 Dec 2021
1Power BI and ExcelSophie17 Dec 2021
1In a spreadsheet with recurring entries, How do I count unique eGeorge17 Dec 2021
1Excel count total number of filled rows without counting duplicaGeorge19 Dec 2021
8OLEObjects Alfie5 Jan 2022
1Conditional FormattingJoanne5 Jan 2022
1Excel Not Responding - Action Too LargeJoanne11 Jan 2022
3Conditional Formatting from Dropdown MenuDan12 Jan 2022
2Paste as Values onlySabina12 Jan 2022
2Excel document protectionJacqueline19 Jan 2022
1LabelingLynette19 Jan 2022
1Gantt showing cumulative total vs daily in columnsBryan21 Jan 2022

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