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Filter in Excel

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Filter in Excel

Is there a way to take a sum of the numbers in a column when the filter is on?

I have a spreadsheet containing a set of numbers. There is one column that needs to be filtered, as there are 2 different types of data that need to be viewed separately. I need to know the sum of the numbers within these 2 types of data separately.

However, when I do a SUM calculation, the sum is taken from the entire column, which includes the numbers that have been filtered out.

The only way that seems to give me the correct number is if I drag to select all the cells and look at the sum at the very bottom of the screen. This seems like a long way around to do this, especially when there is a lot of data. Is there a better way?

Thanks for the help!

RE: Filter in Excel

Hi Amber,

Thank you for the forum question.

If you only want to sum visible values, you will need the Subtotal function.

Please watch video below.

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