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Trim and Merge cells in Excel

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Trim and Merge cells in Excel

Hello everyone its a while since I have used Excel.

I have over 1641 lines of data with 7 rows - My problem is I need to merge the first name and second name which are in different cells into one, before I send out bulk emails to each candidate.

RE: Trim and Merge cells in Excel

Hi Michael,

You can use the CONCATENATE function or the & operator to merge the first name and second name into one cell. Here’s how you can do it:



=A2 & " " & B2

In these formulas, A2 represents the cell with the first name and B2 represents the cell with the second name. The " " in the middle is a space character, so there is a space between the first and second names in the result.

You can enter this formula in the first row where you want the full name to appear, and then drag the fill handle (the small square at the bottom-right of the cell) down to copy this formula for all the other rows.

Please replace A2 and B2 with the actual cell references for your first name and second name columns. If you have a header row, you might start with A2 and B2, but if you don’t, you might start with A1 and B1.

Remember to save your changes before you proceed with sending out your bulk emails.

Kind regards


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