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Enter, tab, left to right, down

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Enter, tab, left to right, down

Hi, please can anyone tell me the shortcut, or how to change the enter in Excel going left to right, instead to below the current cell. I changed this during the course and now I can't remember how to get it back! :)

RE: Enter, tab, left to right, down

Hi Rachel

Glad you enjoyed the course, yes of course

Here are the steps to change the direction of the Enter key in Excel:

Open Microsoft Excel on your computer

Click on the File > Options
Switch to the Advanced tab

Make sure the After pressing Enter, move selection option is ticked

Expand the drop-down menu and choose a direction1. In your case, you should select Right

Click the OK button to save the change

Now, when you press Enter, the cursor will move to the cell on the right instead of the one below.

Kind regards


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