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Offsetting positive & negative values on 1 column | Excel forum

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Offsetting positive & negative values on 1 column

I have over 50,000 numbers (positive and negative) in 1 column on a dataset and I want to find offsetting values clearing each other. Is there a way to find this please.

RE: Offsetting positive & negative values on 1 column

Hi Fahim

This is a good question Fahim and likely is connected to your need to reconcile accounting/bank statement information

There is no one formula for the task and why there is specialist accounting software to match these numbers at volume

You could sort the data so that all positive values are in one column and all negative values are in column two. You can convert a negative to a positive using =-B2 (if B2 is negative then negative and negative make a positive number )

You could then sort both columns in ascending order and match them up using an IF function =IF(A2=B2,"MATCH", "NO")

I hope that gets you started on solving this

Kind regards

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