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Using sort function with multiple data points | Excel forum

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Using sort function with multiple data points

I'm trying to sort some customer data by 2 different criteria. First, I need it sorted by date (oldest first). Second, I need it sorted by customer surname (A-Z). However, I would like to keep the customers items together. Is there a way to add this criteria into the sort function?

RE: using sort function with multiple data points

Hi Amber

You require the multiple criteria sorting

Here’s how you can do it:

Select the data that you want to sort. Make sure to include the column headers if you have any.

Go to the Data tab in the Ribbon, then click on the Sort button. This will open the Sort dialog box.

In the Sort dialog box, you’ll see a dropdown menu under the Column section. Select the first criteria you want to sort by (in your case, it’s the date).

Next, choose the order for the first criteria. Since you want the oldest dates first, select Oldest to Newest.

Now, to add the second criteria, click on the Add Level button at the top of the dialog box.

A new level will be added. Repeat the process: select the second criteria (customer surname) from the Column dropdown menu, and choose the order (A-Z).

Once you’ve added all your criteria, click OK. Excel will sort your data according to the criteria you specified, keeping the related items together.

Remember, Excel sorts the data based on the order of the levels in the Sort dialog box. The first level you add is the primary sort criteria, and the second level is the secondary sort criteria, and so on. So, make sure to add the levels in the order you want the data to be sorted.

Kind regards


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