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Do you provide SharePoint training?

RE: SharePoint

Hi Shaun

We do provide Training on SharePoint, Teams and other Microsoft 365 Apps.

This is a popular course which covers the key areas

I'll ask the learning solutions advisors to connect with you to discuss your requirements as SharePoint can be used differently based on your IT and Organisational setup

Kind regards


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Excel tip:

Create your own custom list on Excel 2010!

If you know how to use the auto-fill option on Excel then why not create your own customs lists?

The auto fill feature saves you time by allowing you to enter one of the list entries into a cell and then use your mouse to automatically drag the rest of the list into the cells below, above or to either side of the initial cell. When using your mouse to perform this task you will see a thin black cross appear at the bottom right hand side of the cell. Click, hold and drag to make the list appear.

Default lists include weekdays and months. To create your own list in Excel 2010 do the following;

>Scroll right to the bottom of the page and you will see a buttom "edit custom lists", click this button
>enter your list in the list entries
>click add

Now try it out. Good luck.

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