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The Secret To Managing Teams In Different Geographical Locations
Are You Aware Of The Role Of Informal Learning?
How To Tell If Your Team Need Training
Why And How Do We Procrastinate?
Beat The Monday Blues With Time Management
How To Start Prioritising Your Time
Achieving Time Management Success With Goals
How Productive Is Your Time?
How To Stop The Internet Destroying Your Time Management
Why 'Killing Time' Is A Management Crime
Technology Based Versus Paper Based Diary Keeping
Managing Your 'Me' Time
Are You A Time Waster?
How To Reduce Distractions
How To Identify Tasks And Milestones
Listening Skills For Effective Communication
How To Organise Your Emails
How To Prioritise Work Tasks
Stop Wasting Your Time! How To Reduce Time Wastage
Using Technology To Help Your Employees Manage Their Time
How To Begin Managing Your Time Effectively
Learning How To Say 'No' For Effective Time Management
Motivating Yourself Via Personal Goals
Assertiveness In The Workplace
Using Negotiation Skills For A Pay Increase
Show Procrastination Who Is Boss
Turning De-motivation Into Motivation
How To Make Yourself Recession Proof
Balancing Your Anger Will Balance Your Life
Problem Solving Using The Appreciation Technique
Introduction To Management: Key Skills
How Top Trainers Trickle Down Their Knowledge
Identifying Underperformance After Professional Skills Sessions
Tricky Questions Answered Thanks To Presentation Training
Learn About Financial Ratios To Help Businesses Succeed
Turning Change To Your Advantage
How Being Assertive Can Make All The Difference
How To Motivate Your Staff
How To Use Appraisals And Objectives Effectively
Effective Communication For Managers
Problem Solving And Decision Making
Making The Most Of Your Time
How To Innovate Your Firm And Embrace Change
Harness The Guiding Force Of Prince2
The Sky's The Limit With Effective Negotiating Skills
Create Winning Project Boards Via Prince2
Taking Control Of Emotions To Take Control Of Your Business
How To Successfully Manage A Team Remotely
Better Individual Communication In Meetings
How To Manage Change Effectively In The Workplace
How To Delegate In The Workplace
Unlocking The Communication Code Of Body Language
Why You Should Grasp Financial Basics
Assertiveness: Don't Just Say No
Managing Stress In The Workplace (Take 2)
A Widely-Scattered Staff, But A Close-Knit Workforce
Negotiating The Tricky Path To Success
Motivating Your Team To Success
Improve Your Note-taking Skills With Minutes Training
Eight Major Stress Traps To Avoid
Positive Thinking 101
Show Your Skills With Assertiveness Training
Prince2 Training Can Make Your CV Shine
Five Time-Eating Traps At Work
The Tell-tale Signs Of Stress
Maintaining Work-life Balance For The Good Of Your Business
Managing Conflicts At Work
Traits Of An Effective Team
Going Your Own Way: Why Use Influencing Skills?
Turning The Tables At Interview
Using And Understanding Emotional Intelligence (EI)
Negotiating Skills: The Two Approaches
A Few Tips On Minute Taking
Turn Stress To Your Advantage
Use Prince2 And Celebrate Project Success
The Myth Of Mentorship
What's Mine Is Yours: The Art Of Delegating
Taking The Office To Homes
Create High-functioning Teams With Emotional Intelligence Training
Managing Stress In The Workplace
Learning To Be Assertive At Work
Mastering the Art of Meetings
Ever Considered a Mentor?
Breaking the Time Management Myth
Masterful Project Management
Improving Your Communication Skills For Job Applications
How To Deliver A Positive Presentation
5 Points For Perfecting Presentation Preparation
Become the Master of Time
Planning a Career Shift to Project Management?
Learn about taking minutes - in minutes
Six Productivity Tips For Time Management

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Fortnum & Mason
Events Executive
Amy Johnson
Excel Intermediate
There were times where it was a little quick but generally it was great. Really fantastic course.
I was worried that I was in between beginner and intermediate and that it would expect me to have do things like functions automatically but Max went through everything step by step so it was really engaging.
Receptionist/ Administrator
Jayne Elliott
Excel Introduction
Cindy was a very helpful and friendly lady. She is very good at her job and I enjoyed the course. Jayne.
The Royal Society
Development Coordinator
Ellen Keohane
Business Writing
Engaging course, with practical and useful advice

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