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A Frame Of Reference For Microsoft Word
Exploring The DAISY Chain Reaction - Making digital information more accessible
Sorting Names By Surname When They Are Ordered By First Name In Word
Working With Word Means Your Organisation's Success Story Is Not A Fairy Tale
Widows And Orphans - And How To Control Them In Word
Insert A Photo Exactly Where You Want It In Word
How To Use The Navigation Pane In Word 2010
Find Out About Desktop Publishing Features In Word
How To Ensure You Create Professional Word Documents
When Active Is Better Than Passive
Are You Sure You Know What Those Symbols Mean?
Avoid Accidentally Typing In Capitals By Creating An Audible Alert
The Importance Of Choosing The Right Font In Word
So Why Are Word Tables So Useful?
Let Word Keep Your Documents Looking Their Best
A Word About The Perfect EMarketing Tool
Sort Out Your Addendum From Your Appendix With Word TOC
See Through The Cloud With Word
Ways Of Dealing With The Nuisance Insert Key
Zap Those Unintended Capitals In Word
Insert Different Headers Or Footers For Odd And Even Pages In Word
How Word Really Can Help You Land Your Dream Job
Working With Bulleted And Numbered Lists
How Plain English Cuts Through The Confusion
Start Page Numbering Afresh By Inserting A Section Break
Add A Table With Ease In Word 2007
How To Avoid Those Tricky Typos With Word
An Overview Of Word 2007 Function Key Shortcuts
Ditch The Jargon And Get To The Point With Word
Become A Word Mastermind Through Frequent Use
Microsoft Answer Their Critics With Word 2010
Stop Scrolling, Simply Split And Save Time
Editing In Word Ensures You Won't Bring The House Down
Using Outlines In Microsoft Word
All About Breaks In Word
How To Add A Watermark To Your Word Document
There's No Need To Look At Signs And Symbols As A Secret Code
Find Out How To Work With Tables In Word 2007
Understanding Styles In Word
Perfect Persuasive Publications, With Microsoft Word
How To Export A Word Table To Excel
How To Create Clever Captions In All Your Word Documents
The Art Of Using Colour Effectively
Pictures Speak A Thousand Words With Microsoft Word
Word: A Way To Break Down Language Barriers?
How To Create A Mail Merge In Word 2010
How To Add A Screenshot In Word 2010
Word: The Keyboard Vs The Mouse
Using The Drawing Toolbar In Word
Working Together For The Better, With Word 2010
How Can I Get Help On Microsoft Word?
How To Keep Track Of Your Changes In Word
How To Change The Case Of Letters In Word
The Magic Of Microsoft Word
Discover The Top Ten Changes In Word 2010
Bullets Points: Not Just For PowerPoints
How To Make Your Written Documents More Professional
Avoiding Bad Word Processing Habits
Using Word To Write Great Letters
Give Your Text A Make-over With Word
Word Proves OpenType Really Is The Font Of All Knowledge
Word 2010 Puts An End To Grabbing And Dumping
Using Word To Create The Perfect Idiot Guide
It's Now Even Easier To Work Anywhere With Word 2010
How To Create A Winning Image With Word 2010
What's Hot And What's Not In Word 2010
The Spell Checker - My American Ally
Spell Checker - Friend Or Foe
Now Is The Time For The Quick Access Toolbar
Word Lets You Speak The Same Language With XML
Using The New Document Templates In Microsoft Word
There's More To Find And Replace Than Finding And Replacing
How To Make Your Brand Consistent With Word
How To Use The Spelling & Grammar Tool And Avoid Braking Rules
Become An Expert Blogger Via Word
Now For A Little Word Play In 2007
Word In The World Of Typography
Disabling The Nuisance Insert Key
Top Word Troubleshooting Tips
Word Reflects The Latest Sign Of The Times
Mail Merge Memories In Word
Cooking Up An Appealing Document - And In A Hurry!
Tips On Confident Apostrophe Use
The Benefits Of Storing Boilerplate
Make Sure You're Word Skills Are Future Proof
Regenerate And Recycle With Building Blocks
Word: Speaking Of An Upgrade
Using Word For Basic Desktop Publishing
Finding Your Way With Indexes
It's A Wrap With Word 2007
Getting The Most Out Of Shortcuts In Word 2007
Formatting Matters
A One-to-one on Word
Saving Time And Effort With Automation In Microsoft Word
You've Got Mail Merge
When Out of Sight Is Not Alright
Mind Your Ps and Qs
There's a lot more to Word than just the words
It's only Words: The importance of compatibility
History Of The QWERTY Keyboard
Are you up to speed with Hyphenation?
Cutting a Dash
Word Processor Basics
Working with Macros in Microsoft Word
A Word to the Wise - Consider Microsoft Word Training
Students and Microsoft Word
Microsoft Word Editing Tips
Microsoft Word Cheat Sheet: Tips and Shortcuts
Five Time Saving Microsoft Word Tips
Microsoft Word and its Uses in the Home

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Imperial War Museum
Project Officer

Excel for Finance Professionals
The course itself was fantastic, however I feel like there could be a potential for more modular courses for smaller groups if attendees were given the chance to input into what parts of the course they would like to focus on beforehand. Jens was excellent at taking the conversation in the appropriate directions, but I feel like if this was a part of the course introduction/structure I would have had more confidence in asking these kinds of questions.
Print Specialist

Time Management
I really enjoyed the pace and the flexibility of the course.

I think there are some members of the course that could have been less involved and the trainer could have facilitated this.
Purchasing Supervisor

Excel Dashboards for Business Intelligence
This course was brilliant, I think there should be a bit of time in these session where you use your own spreadsheets to work on so what you can start using what you have learnt while the trainer is there to ask a few questions.

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