Tower Bridge training venue

Photos: Station to venue

London Bridge, Tooley Street
(1) Exit London Bridge tube station (main entrance) and turn right. Walk down Tooley street, crossing over where possible.
Tooley Street
(2) Continue walking down Tooley street until you reach the entrance to Hay's Galleria. It is opposite Weston Street.
entrance to hays galleria
(3) As you walk through the archway, you will cross Counter Street. Continue into Hay's Galleria.
inside hays galleria
(4) Walk through Hay's Galleria to the other side. You will come out at the Thames.
exiting hays galleria
(5) When you reach the Thames, take a right (this photo is showing the exit of the Galleria from the Thames).
walk past hms belfast and city hall
(6) Continue walking along the Thames, past HMS Belfast and City Hall.
view of tower bridge
(7) You will pass under the start of Tower Bridge.
shad thames
(8) Continue walking up Shad Thames.
corner curfew street and shad thames
(9) When you reach Curfew Street, turn left to rejoin the edge of the Thames, past the Design Museum. Turn right.
along thames (riverside of shad thames)
(10) Continue walking along the Thames.
entrance of browns restaurant
(11) You will see Browns Restaurant on the right.
training room in browns restaurant
(12) Once you enter Browns Restaurant, the staff can direct you to the training room. Please check in with the Trainer.

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