Bayswater training venue

Photos: Station to venue

opposite queensway tube
(1) Come out of Queensway tube station. This will be your view.
walking down queensway
(2) Turn left and continue down Queensway.
(Note if you are coming from Bayswater tube station, turn right after tube exit, continue walking along Queensway until you see Holland and Barrett on your left).
holland and barrett queensway
(3) Cross over the road when you see Holland and Barrett on the opposite side of the road.
queensway business centre
(4) On the left-hand side of Holland and Barrett you'll see Queensway Business Centre.
front entrance
(5) Go up to the door.
(6) Press the buzzer and explain you are a delegate for STL. Sign in at reception.
3rd floor
(7) Take the stairs or the elevator to the 3rd floor. Walk to the end of the corridor.
room 3
(8) Room number 3 is STL.

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