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MS Word

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MS Word

I need advice on how to use MS TEAMS to edit MS Word document efficiently without issue with version control. Please could someone in IT team to advise? Many thanks.

RE: MS Word

Dear Tian Hong

Thank you very much for your query in STL's forum.

The most efficient way to collaborate on a Word document is to store your Word document in OneDrive and to then share it with the person you would like to co-edit the document with.

After sharing, if you open said document and ask the other person to also open that same document, you can both make changes to the document collaboratively and you can both see what the other person does live as it happens.

Of course you can open Teams so you can converse with your colleague whilst collaborating on the Document but you do not have to upload the document to Teams physically for collaboration if that makes sense.

This way you both open a document from the same location. any changes made will be saved to that source document and that should eradicate version issues. Give it a try...

If this answer gives you the solution you are looking for then can I kindly ask you to mark the query as resolved please?

If this is not the answer you are looking for then please reply to this message.

Kind regards

Ron Oldeboom
Learning and Development Consultant
STL training

RE: MS Word

If I understand correctly you are suggesting to edit the MS Word on TEAMS or OneDrive directly.

Is there anywhere we could edit it in normal MS Word interface as live edit (I understand this is what O365 is about)? If yes, how?

Also, could we share OneDrive's file with anyone for join editing?

Edited on Wed 12 Aug 2020, 19:26

RE: MS Word

Hi Tian,

I am sorry if my instructions were ambiguous or unclear.

What you need to do to collaborate on a word document in real time is to first save the Word document in your personal OneDrive.

After you saved it there you can in OneDrive share the document with the person(s) you would like to edit the document with.

That person(s) now will find the document in their OneDrive under the category 'Shared With Me'. The person(s) you shared the document with can now open the document from their OneDrive (You have the option to edit in Browser or Edit in Desktop App. They need to choose Desktop app to open it in their local Word application (Which still links back to OneDrive)

In OneDrive YOU can now locate the document and do the same i.e. open the document from your OneDrive (You have the option to edit in Browser or Edit in Desktop App. You choose Desktop app to open it in your local Word application (Which still links back to OneDrive)

At this point once you both (or all sharers) have the document open you can both (all) make any changes to the file in real time and after you both (All) close the document the changes are saved in the original file.

So there is no Teams involved in the above collaboration process. Where Teams comes in is for communicating with your colleague(s)because when you go through the above process you would not be able to hear each other talk, you would only see what is being edited in Word. So basically you just use the Teams app to be able to talk to one another (You could use telephones instead of Teams, as long as you are able to talk to one another).

In short: You collaborate on the document through OneDrive, and you use Teams solely to communicate with each other, no need to upload files to Teams, you work straight through OneDrive.

I hope this is more clear. Any additional questions then reply to this message, Otherwise please mark the question as resolved.

Thank you so much Tian for posting in our forum


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