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Offline webpages

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Offline webpages

How do I make an offline webpage 'appear' online to the browser (i.e. avoid problems with running scripts)

RE: Offline webpages

Hi Thomas

Thank you for your question. Internet Explorer V6 treats web pages run locally with more restricted permissions than the same page run over the internet.

Microsoft introduced the "Mark of the Web" which is a comment line that can be added to the html code of a page.

In the words of Microsoft "The MOTW is a comment added to the HTML markup for a Web page. When a user opens the Web page from their local machine, Internet Explorer references this comment to determine the security zone in which it should run the page."

You can find out more details here, along with examples. %28VS.85%29.aspx

Hope this helps and good luck with the site!

Kind regards,

RE: problems linking to Excel from templates

What I think is causing the problem is the difference between the location of templates and the pages they create.

When a link is created in the html index file the path to the excel file is simple. Imagine the Excel file is in a folder called Assets. In that case the link goes something like "open the excel file which you can find by going into the "assets" folder which is in the same folder as me"

When we build the link in the template the path to the Excel folder might be different ( "open the excel file by moving up a level out of the templates folder then moving down a level into the "assets" folder"

This works fine in the template but when the template is turned into a regular html page the path no longer makes sense. If a user clicks the link the web browser fails to open anything because the directions no longer go anywhere.

Try copying the path of the link from the index page (that works) and using it as the path in the template. In theory this path won't work for the template but when the html files are created the path will work as the html files are stored in the correct location with regards to the "assets" folder.

I realise this is a bit of long explanation but to recap - the path works when inserted in index because the html file and the excel file always stay in the same location.

The path fails in the template because the template isn't the final document - the output is an html file stored in a different location to the template so the path no longer makes sense. Build the path with the final location of the output html file in mind, rather than based on where the template is currently stored.

Let me know if this makes sense or if I can be of further help.

Kind regards,


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