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Project Intermediate

Unit 7 - Printing and Reporting

Printing project views

  • You can print most project views, but you cannot print split screen views. 
  • Printing of the Gantt Chart is WYSISYG - change the zoom of the view and the columns displayed to control what is printed.
  • When you print the Gantt Chart the TimeLine is NOT printed.

Viewing and changing the print settings

  • Click the File tab and choose Print.
  • From this screen you can change from Landscape to Portrait Orientation:
  • And you can change the paper size.
  • Click the Settings link to choose to print notes, etc:
  • Or, if you prefer to use the dialog box available in previous versions of Project, click the Page Setup link.
  • In the dialog box the following tabs can be selected: -

Page:   Choose orientation and scaling.
Margins:         Set the margins and borders.
Header:          Control how the header section will be printed.
Footer Control how the footer section will be printed.
Legend:          Control how the legend is printed
View:  Choose number of columns, print notes, etc.

Add a header, footer, or legend to a view

  • On the File tab, choose Print and click the Page Setup link.
  • On the Header, Footer, or Legend tab, click the Left, Center, or Right tab.
  • In the text box, type or paste text, add project information, or insert or paste a graphic:
  • To add page numbers, click Insert Page Number , Insert Total Page Count , or both.
  • To add the current date or time, click Insert Current Date, Insert Current Time, or both.
  • To add the file name, click Insert File Name.
  • To add a graphic, click Insert Picture.
  • If required, select the text that you want to format, click Format Text Font , and then select the formatting options that you want.
  • To add project-specific information, select the information that you want in the General and Project fields boxes, and then click Add for each entry. Repeat this step to add more project information.

 Note: You can create multiple-line headers, footers, and legends. At the end of the first line of text or information, press ENTER. Headers can have up to five lines of information. Footers and legends can have up to three lines.

Exercise: Change the print settings

  • Open the Holiday Home.MPP project (created earlier) and ensure you are viewing the Gantt Chart.
  • Click the File tab, choose Print and click the Page Setup link.
  • On the Footer tab type your name in the left section, press Enter and click the Date button:
  • On the View tab select the options to Print all sheet columns and to Print notes:
  • Click OK to preview the project on the right hand side of the Print screen:
  • Print preview
  • Tip: Use the buttons at the bottom right of the print preview screen to view the other pages:
  • If you want to print the project click the Print command button - this will print to your default printer
  • You can change the printer and printer options is required:
  • To return to the Gantt Chart view, click the Tasks tab on the ribbon.


Project has a number of pre-defined reports based on some principal types which can be used directly or changed as required. Alternatively completely new reports can be created.

 On the Project tab click Reports to display the Reports dialog box:


Summarises the most significant project information, including numbers of tasks and resources, task and schedule status, costs, start and finish dates, and so on.

Current Activities:

Displays information about top-level tasks for the entire project. Includes summary tasks and task notes.


Shows critical tasks for the entire project. Includes summary and successor tasks and task notes.


Shows project milestones. Includes summary tasks and task notes.


Shows working and nonworking times for resources for the entire project duration.


Create a new report.

Double click the required category to see the available reports, for example:

Double click a report to see it displayed in the new print preview screen:

Editing Reports

You can edit any of the existing reports and change the filter or detail of information displayed:

  • On the Project tab of the ribbon, click Reports
  • Double click the required report category
  • Select a report and click Edit: the options you see depends on the report you have chosen:

With the Should Have Started Tasks report you can change the period, the table and the filter.

With the Working Days report you can only change the text formatting.

Visual Reports

Visual reports enable you to view your project's data in PivotTable reports in Microsoft Office Excel, and PivotDiagram views in Microsoft Office Visio Professional 2007.

On the Project tab click the Visual Reports command to display the Visual Reports dialog box.

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