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These pages are dedicated to the project management community. This page is the first of many. Please feel free to e-mail our moderator your suggestions for inclusion. The creation date of this page is the 7th of July 2005. Links to tools & resources will commence from this date.

This page is intended to be of help to anyone involved in project management. Please suggest any useful links via the email facility at the end of this page. Any useful links such as project management software tools, project management scheduling tools, project tracking tools, project tools or links to relevant suppliers will be accepted. These free project management tools are updated regularly but your help in identifying issues and improvements is welcomed.

MS Project Training

Microsoft Project training courses - London and UK wide on site

Technical services

Server Installation

On-line communities

Project Smart - "The Internet based project management resource that helps managers at all levels to improve their performance. This site provides an important knowledge base for those involved in managing projects of all kinds. With regular updates it keeps you in touch with the latest project management thinking."

Software management tools

Web Project management software - Project manager is a web based project management software which gives it's users the ability to plan, collaborate and track projects. This software which includes a 30 day free trial also includes a gantt chart.

Project Management Software Tools automate task assignment, resource allocation and milestone tracking for all phases of a project. has over 23,000 software listings and project management is one of their key offerings.

Software Cost Estimation and Project Management Tools, Training, and Services - Since 1978, QSM has provided SLIM software cost estimation tools, services, and training for project control, risk management, and software metrics analysis.

Project Management Tools and Templates Directory - Links to sites with project management tools

Web Test Tools - Listing of 290 web test tools and management tools - link checking, html validation, load testing, security testing, java testing, publishing control, site mapping.

Allocatus - Linking MS Project with Outlook and Notes - Allocatus links MS Project tasks with the Outlook Calendar or Task list

Project management scheduling tools

Scheduling Software for Scheduling Staff, Rooms, Equipment, Vehicles and other Resources. - Scheduling Software and Management Tools for Business, Government, Educational, Health Care, and other Organizations.

Project Planning & Management Techniques from Mind Tools - This page introduces you to some of the most useful project planning and management techniques.

ProjectConnections - Project management scheduling templates, checklists, guidelines, and WBS examples - Project management scheduling templates, checklists, guidelines, and WBS examples.

Association for Project Management - Association for Project Management

Change management software that integrates with Microsoft Project - IntaChange. The web-based change management software that integrates with Microsoft Project.

Microsoft Office Online: Project Home Page

Project management software, collaboration team and workgroup, project tracking and project manager - Free project management software, collaboration team and workgroup, project tracking and project manager.

Project Management Technology by Atlantic Global - Atlantic Project Planning and Resourcing opens up the project management functionality of MS Project Planning to the organisation

Welcome to KIDASA Software -Take your Projects Places they've never been before!

Project tracking tools

Project Management Software & Task Tracking Tool by Easy Projects .NET - Easy Projects .NET is a web based project management software featuring a set of task tracking tools for managing versatile software projects. This tool makes software project management & tasks tracking hassle-free and straightforward.

Project management and task management software: Basecamp - Basecamp is a web-based tool that lets you manage and track projects (or simply ideas) and quickly create client/project extranets. It lets you and your clients (or just your own internal team) keep your conversations, ideas, schedules, to-do lists, and more in a password-protected central location. And unlike most project management products, Basecamp is a breeze to use.

Microsoft Project integration - Microsoft Project integrated project management and collaboration solution, increasing visibility, accountablilty and traceability of tasks and issues raised throughout a project.

Suppliers Search Results Books: microsoft project

Microsoft Project Books - Learn how to use Microsoft Project to its full potential with one of the many books available

TimeControl and MS Project 2002 from Heuristic Management Systems, Inc. White Papers at ZDNet UK

Welcom White Papers Covering Project Management Topics - project management software, project management, earned value, earned value software, EVMS, project portal, project management portal, risk management, risk management software


Project Management Institute (PMI) - The largest project management association

Project Management Planning Tips - Useful tips on project management and planning. What are the things I should be monitoring regularly on my projects?

Project management templates and articles: ProjectConnections Know-How - Index to project management templates, resources and answers for project planning, portfolio management, virtual teams, people skills, and improving projects.

Project Manager Today - Almost any human activity that involves carrying out a non-repetitive task can be a project. So we are all project managers! We all practise project management (PM).

Software Project Management - Today, more organisations are utilising project management tools and methodologies to streamline processes and enhance strategic business performance.

Guide to Project Management - Online Resource Guide to Project Management Project management involves the planning, organization, and management of resources to achieve specific objectives of a project or assignment. It is a temporary process that should be completed within a given time frame, and is different from daily operational activities.

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