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Behaviours- text typing in motion

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Behaviours- text typing in motion

Is there a behaviour or code that can type out the text as the page opens? e.g opening page has business name, below there's a tag line that can type out after a second of opening?


RE: behaviours- text typing in motion

Hi Henny

Thank you for your question. We have had a similar question which suggested using the Marquee tag. Details can be found here: #23777

Alternatively you may be interested to take a look at the Adobe Marketplace and Exchange website where many custom plugins and extensions can be obtained (some free) that add effects along the lines you describe.

I hope this helps,
Kind regards,

RE: behaviours- text typing in motion

hi, thanks, the details link take me to my query - which number query is the one you're referring to.

shall look at adobe also,


RE: behaviours- text typing in motion

Hi Henny

Sorry about that! Try this link

Hope this helps - kind regards,

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When inserting a jumpmenu to a page, the only option available for 'open in' is usually 'main window'. There would be other options available if the page was a frameset.

To change the jumpmenu to open in a new window, change the target parameter of the selectbox in your code to ''.


<select name="menu1" onChange="MM_jumpMenu('',this,0)">

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