How does the sumif statement work?

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How does the sumif statement work?

In Excel the SUM function is very commonly used, but there are times when you need to sum only the data that is subject to a criteria setting.

The SUM function cannot cope with this, however, Excel provides the SUMIF statement, which can. The SUMIF statement works by using the following syntax:

=SUMIF(Range,Criteria,[Sum Range]) Items in square brackets are optional.

If I wanted to find the sum of all commissions for sales that were less than £200,000 in the table below, I would use a SUMIF function =SUMIF(B4:B13,"<200000",C4:C13):

Monthly Sales Transactions

Sale Date: Sale Amount: Commission:
03-Jan £324,256.00 £4,053.20
04-Jan £185,629.00 £2,320.36
05-Jan £150,000.00 £1,875.00
06-Jan £324,526.00 £4,056.58
07-Jan £125,847.00 £1,573.09
08-Jan £621,478.00 £7,768.48
09-Jan £125,639.00 £1,570.49
10-Jan £172,365.00 £2,154.56
11-Jan £298,325.00 £3,729.06
12-Jan £401,523.00 £5,019.04

Commission on Sales < £200,000: £9,493.50

The SUMIF formula is written into cell C15 and produces a result of £9,493.50.

Try it out for yourself!

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