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Number calculation

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Number calculation

How do i calculate Various numbers in different fields

RE: Number calculation

Hi Jayson, Welcome to the forum, in answer to your post, I think this sounds like a SUMIF requirement.
This function adds up things depending on the criteria you give it. (Add up the cost of all apples, for example.) The function expects certain arguments. These are:

=SUMIF(range to check, criteria, range to sum)

The first argument, range, is the cell or cells you want to check. The second argument, criteria, is what you want to check for. The third argument, sum_range, are the cells to add up. So perhaps the formula in a cell outside the chosen ranges would be something like:
The function will search A1:A20 and where it finds the label North it will sum the adjoining cell in B1:B20. I hope that was useful, regards Pete


Excel tip:


Select the data and press the function key F11 and the chart will be created on a separate worksheet.

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