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microsoft excel courses - What is the sumif functions?

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What is the sumif functions?

What is the sumif function?

Edited on Thu 10 May 2007, 13:48

RE: functions

Hi Katherine, thanks for the post; the SUMIF function is used to total information in a list subject to certain criteria, for example from a list of sales branches, you can stipulate that you only require to total a particular branch's sales figures and using the SUMIF function it will return a total as per your criteria. The layout would be as follows: =SUMIF(range, criteria, sum_range) - which would be: (range of cells to inspect, criteria (name of branch in quotes " ") and the range of cells to find those totals in.
hope that helps


Excel tip:

Quick Absolute Cell References

When entering cell references in a formula you probably click the cell, or you may type in the cell reference. If you require any of the 4 variations, press the F4 key now before you press Enter to toggle around the relative and absolute entries ($signs).

Note that the F4 key outside of editing a formula is the Repeat key to repeat a previous action.

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