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Negative entries

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Negative entries

How does one make Excel sum up only positive values and automatically ignore negative entries in a simple summation?

RE: Negative entries

Dear Konstantin

Thank you for attending Excel Introduction Course. I hope you enjoyed the course and that you benefited from it.

It is possible to calculate only the positive figures. We cover a function called SUMIF in Advanced level that can resolve this query.

The syntax of a SUMIF is :


I'll provide you with a simple example as follows:


1 10

2 -20

3 -5

4 5

5 =Sumif(A1:A4,">0",A1:A4)

This should give you a result of 15 on cell A5 because it will not count any negative numbers.

NB: If you are using the Function dialog box then you do not need to put >0 in Quotation marks (" ").

I hope this has helped you in resolving your query.

I would request you to mark the post as resolved!!

Kindest Regards

Rajeev Rawat
MOS Master Instructor 2000/2003


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