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Teams, Co-hosting and recording meetings

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Teams, Co-hosting and recording meetings

Is there a way to make someone co-host of a Teams meeting? I've set up the meetings, but will not be attending. The meetings are to be recorded, but today the chair found that he could not record the meeting, and called me to join so that I could record. I will not be able to do this in future, so would like to find a way that I can allow others to record the meeting. Any advice would be much appreciated.

RE: Teams, Co-hosting and recording meetings

Hi Charlotte,

That's a very good question.

It would appear that your IT team have a different Teams Recording policy. The default setting - All Internal users can initiate a recording.

Anyone Internal can start the meeting & doesn't have to wait in the lobby. External Users have to wait.

All Internal users can initiate Recordings for meetings created inside your organisation (Now saved in OneDrive not Stream)

You can't change the "Organiser" of a Teams meeting once it's created. This should only affect Breakout Rooms usage as currently only Organisers can create those rooms. They are trying to change this in future updates.

Another option to try is Delegated Access
Create the Teams meeting from inside Outlook.
IT could give you permission to Read and Edit another's Calendar.
You could then setup the meeting from their calendar thus getting round the problem of it being "your meeting"

Kind regards


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