sent items going outbox

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Sent items going to Outbox

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Sent items going to Outbox

My sent items are going into the Outbox but it is not because they are not sending.

I have sent test emails and they send fine but are still going to the Outbox and will not move.

I am not working offline.


RE: Sent items going to Outbox

Hi Havva,

Thank you for the forum question.

It is very difficult to answer. I have been through different forums and on Microsoft website. Many have the same problem, but many things can be the issue and there is a lot of different suggestions to fix it.

If it is you job email, you will have to raise the problem to your IT department.

The link below include some of the solutions:

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The only problem is when Outlook applies certian updates it defaults it back but this isnt' very often.

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