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Automatic replies

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Automatic replies


is there a way to save many automatic replies as templates which can quickly be used when needed?
Such as:
I am away from my desk until tomorrow etc...
I am on annual leave etc...
If you require urgent assistance, please contact etc...
The office is now closed etc...

Many thanks for your help

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RE: Automatic replies

Hi Sarah

Thank you for your question.

a great way to store phrases like this is to use quick parts in Outlook 2010.

First create a message - although we won't be sending it anywhere - it's so you can type up the text you'd like to re-use later.

Type in some of the phrases you'd like to be able to call up quickly

Highlight the first phrase then from the Insert tab click the Quick Parts button. From the drop-down menu choose Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery. Give your phrase a short name then click OK

Now to test it out.

Make a new message. To call up your text you can go back to the quick parts button again (where you'll find your phrase is listed - click it to insert the text straight into your email. A quicker way is to type the short name you gave the phrase and before you press the spacebar at the end of the name press the F3 key (top row of your keyboard) and Outlook will insert the text without you having to go through the menu.

I hope this helps - let me know how you get on.

Kind regards,

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