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Using VBA with Visio

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Using VBA with Visio


I wondered if anyone has any experience of using VBA with Visio?

Basically, I can get the org chart in Visio, and they are set out based on who reports to who, which is the standard model.

What I need to do, is set up code so that i have a page per department, per location, with the most senior person at the top.

I assume I'll have to do some manual adjustments as a Line Manager might manage more than one department, and I want them showing at the top of each page of each department they manage.

But if anyone has attempted anything like this before, I'd be really grateful to hear from you. I've just done the VBA intermediate, so fairly new to it, but I know it can be done!



RE: Using VBA with Visio

Good day Gemma,

Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, this falls outside Best STL's scope of training, as our VBA courses only include Excel VBA and Access VBA.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Kind regards
Best STL

RE: Using VBA with Visio

Thanks Marius

I was hoping other people that had attended courses might have some experience of this - hence the general query.

Hopefully I can leave it open incase other people view?



RE: Using VBA with Visio

Hi Gemma,

We shall leave the question open and I shall forward it to colleagues of mine who may possibly have had similar questions in the past.

Best of luck
Marius Barnard
Microsoft Trainer


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