The backbone of many workplace documents and presentations is a series of figures that reflect the workings of your department or company. Microsoft Visio gives you the opportunity to translate this important data into graphs and other diagrams that get your message across in an informative and interesting way. No longer will you have to fiddle with flipcharts to show the impact of these figures, as the software can help you transform numbers into meaningful images, which is sure to bring more variety to your meetings. Whatever kind of information that you need to portray, MS Visio is likely to have the ideal diagram for you.

The programme features a range of templates that can be used to represent your figures as images. For example, you may need to simply convert the rise and fall of customer numbers in a graph. As well as being able to show basic figures you can also build more complicated diagrams that hold detailed information.

Through this application you are able to set up business process flowcharts, which can show how your current projects are constructed, while also giving indications of their efficiency if necessary. This product is often used by those working in the IT industry as it can reformulate data from networks, which in turn helps technicians discover those sections that may be underperforming. The software can also be used in settings that require your analysis and scrutiny in order to check efficiency levels.

This can be achieved via the many templates and samples featured in the product. If you are looking for some inspiration in regard to the type of diagrams you need, it is advised that you check out the Samples category, which boasts a variety of templates that already bear data, so you can see the ones most relevant to your needs. Once you have found the best chart that can reflect your data, it is likely that you may want to use it again when you have similar figures to compile and analyse.

You will be able to locate it under the Recent Templates tab, which can help you to save time. In addition to giving you the tools to create impressive diagrams, MS Visio can also be used as an analytical device. For example, if you are in charge of running a computer network you can create Smart Diagrams that pull in data reflecting its processes.

This allows you to collate a wide range of information in one place and on one chart. At any point you can update the data held in a range of sources to get a current picture of the system. For example, certain areas may not have undergone the correct security procedures and this may be recorded in other MS files, if requested MS Visio can pull in this information and alert you and others to the situation.

These inbuilt functions reflect the versatility of the product and its ability to work alongside other MS applications, such as MS Project, Access and Excel thanks to the Data Link functionality. Information contained in different locations can be pulled together, analysed and shared with your colleagues easily and effectively. In addition to analysing and forming links among data, such as the time of year and the number of sales, MS Visio allows you to track figures so you can see how current departments are performing in real time.