dimension units and accuracy

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Dimension units and accuracy

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Dimension units and accuracy

Please can you tell me how to prevent the units and dimensions displaying 2 decimal places i.e 1000.00mm
when I need to show 1000mm

When I drag the 'room measure' template it is also showing accracy to 2 decimal places

RE: Dimension units and accuracy

Hi Martin

Thanks for getting in touch. This feature is really buried away in Visio.

To modify the decimal places and display for a particular template, right click the background and select Show Shapesheet. Find User-defined cells and set User.LPrec to 0 (or whichever value you would like).

I hope this helps.

Kind regards

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RE: Dimension units and accuracy

Many thanks for the reply.
I wasn't apply to Show Shapesheet by right clicking the backgrond but found it on the Dev toolbar. By changing User.LPrec to 0 the shape dimensions now show no decimal places as required.

The Room Measure shape still shows 1 decimal place however. I will avoid using this and add individual dimensions.


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