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Company website

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Company website

Hi Anthony,

I have managed to get the FTP details sent to me by the company who bought our demain name, but could you please remind me how i get into our website using this on DreamWeaver.
I have tried going onto our website and saving it onto my computer, but when i open each document it will only let me read it in code.

Please could you give me some advice.

Many thanks


RE: Company website

Hi Kirsty, well done on getting the FTP details - they are crucial! In Dreamweaver you need to go to the Site drop down menu. If you have a site already set up then choose Manage Sites and then click on the Edit button in the box that comes up, otherwise choose new site. On the left hand side of the dialog box that appears choose remote info and set the Access down down to FTP. Some fields will appear which are where you need to put in the FTP information. Have a look at our manual if it is not clear where to put the information.

If you are getting into choppy water, try creating a new webpage from scratch (Site - New Site etc) and practice putting in the login details and uploading and downloading the site onto the net. Once you're happy with doing that with one page, doing the company website shouldn't be a problem!

Hope this helps, let me know how you get on.


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