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Unit 5: Creating and Managing Tables 

In this section you will learn to: 

Create tables in a Word document  

Edit the structure of tables 

Enhance the appearance of tables   

Insert a table 


insert table 


To create a table: 

Go to the Insert tabàTable button. 

Select the number of cells to be included by dragging the mouse over the grid; 
Select Insert Table. 


To add text: 

 Click in a cell and type. 

Press Tab to move to the next cell. 

Inserting rows or columns 



To insert additional rows or columns into a table: 

Click in a cell next to where the row or columns is to be added. 

Go to the Table Tools Layout tabàRows & Columns group. 

Click the appropriate Insert button. 




Deleting rows or columns 



To delete rows or columns from a table: 

Click in a cell within the row or column is to be deleted. 

Go to the Table Tools Layout tabàRows & Columns group. 

Click the appropriate Delete option from the dropdown arrow next to Delete. 



Using AutoFit options 



AutoFit options are used to adjust the size of the table columns automatically. 

Click in a cell within the table. 

Go to Table Tools Layout tabàCell Size group. 

Click the dropdown arrow next to the AutoFit button to select an AutoFit option. 


Changing cell text alignment 

To align text within a cell:


Click in the cell containing the text, or select the column or row. 

Go to Table Tools Layout tabàAlignment group. 


Select the alignment option to be used. 



align tables


Unit 6: Controlling Page Layout 

In this section you will learn to: 

Add headers and footers to a document  

Set and change the margins for a document  

Add and delete manual page breaks  

Accessing the header or footer 



To access the header or footer: 

Go to InserttabàclickHeader button or Footer button. 

Select a built-in option 
Select Edit Header or Edit Footer. 

Editing the header or footer 



Type into the header or footer, then use the Tab key to move across to the next tab stop position. 

Navigating and inserting page numbering 


On the Header & Footer Tools/Design tab: 

Use the Go to Footer or Go to Header button to navigate between the two areas 

Use the Page Number button to insert page numbering 

Click Close Header and Footer to exit. 




header foot close 


Changing document margins 




To change a document’s margins: 

Go to Page Layout tabàPage Setup group. 

Click the Margins button. 

Select from preset margin options; or use Custom Margins to enter margin sizes. 

Inserting a page break 


To insert a page break: 

Click the cursor where the page break is to be positioned. 

Go to the Page Layout TabàPage Break button.  

Shortcut keys: Ctrl+Enter to insert a page break. 

Delete a page break 


ShapeText Box 



Turn on the Show/Hide button (Home tabà 
Paragraph group). 

Click the cursor to the left of the page break. 

Press the Delete button on the keyboard. 

Unit 7: Using Proofing Tools 

In this section you will learn to: 

Use Word’s Spelling and Grammar feature to proof a document  

Use Word’s Thesaurus to find alternative words  

Using the spelling and grammar checker 


To launch the Spelling and Grammar checker, go to Review tabàSpelling & Grammar button 


To ignore the suggestion, click Ignore Once or Ignore All. 

Use Add to Dictionary to add a correctly spelt word to Word’s dictionary (so the word won’t come up as an error in future). 

To correct an error to a suggested option, click Change or Change All. 

Spelling and grammar checking options 

spelling options 


To change spelling and grammar options, go to File TabàProofing category. 

Using the thesaurus 


To look up/use an alternative word: 

Right-click on the word. 

Go to Synonyms and select another word to replace the one currently used. 


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