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Use more shortcuts in Word – One of your new five a day?

Learning to use more shortcuts in Word can be a bit playing Top Trumps.

Person 1:  “Control + Y , redo, time-saving value of 6.5”
Person 2: “Control + Z, undo, time-saving value of 9″, I win, hand over the card!”

Ok, so I don’t actually play top trumps with shortcuts (it’s generally Ben 10 or Transformers) but I do genuinely feel chuffed when I’ve learned a new shortcut that saves time, and I gain a new skill (small, but still useful). So as an early Christmas present, I will share some of my new favourites with you.

Repeat last action.  This is F4.  Very useful for repetitive tasks, from text to formatting.

As a quick test, in a Word document type “this is my sentence” then press return, then press F4 –  the shortcut will repeat the whole sentence again (somehow this gives me an image of Bart Simpson writing his lines in the opening sequence. ..if only the blackboard had an F4 button…).  

Spelling and grammar check. This is F7.  (10 points if you knew this one).  Quick way to proof your document and blitz those errors.

Help is F1 – and it only works for Microsoft related questions…it’s rubbish for answering questions on trivia.  Just so you know.

Line spacing.  Word 2010’s default is 1.15 line spacing, so a quick way to change it is to use the following:
Single line spacing is Control +1
Line spacing at 1.5 is Control + 5
Double spacing is Control + 2.

Hyperlink  is Control + K.  This is a great for linking to another part of the document, or a Microsoft Office program, or a web page….

and the bonus two old favourites:

Open a document. This is Control + O.  An easy win on the shortcut scale, but a good one to incorporate into your day!

Open a new document.  Control + N.

So use five shortcuts a day, and if you are really up for a challenge, try five new shortcuts a day.  Swap them with friends, or keep them secret, it’s up to you.

For more information on the tricks and the benefits you gain in your work with our  Microsoft Word training courses




On the course I attended yesterday, I did learn and use more and found myself saying “oh, now, that is useful” on many occasions.

By Richard Bailey

I love what I do; I get to work with an outstanding team to help hundreds of people with their challenges. I’ve learnt a lot from the teams I’ve worked with, no matter the size or industry we all have challenges to overcome, difficult customers, creating a budget or keeping a project on track.