Pro-Calibre – The Great Team Player

Pro-Calibre  –The great team player


Team Management rates surprising second in employability skills

There are ten employability skills highly regarded by corporations today. When Kent University conducted a survey to uncover and rate the most valuable, the results were surprising. With Time Management at number ten and Verbal Communication rated at number one, Teamwork came in at came in at a surprising number two.

Natural skill or inherent talent?

When you consider the skills of Team work, trying to define or explain it can sound like a cliché. Is a great team player naturally gifted or can an understanding of the skills take an average professional and turn them into a pro-calibre player?

Maybe this story can explain. There were two elite footballers (strikers) who played for one of the biggest clubs in UK if not the world. There was history between the two and a grudge had developed. It was alleged they never spoke off the field. However, on the field they played their hearts out and in 1999 the team won everything; European Cup, Premiership and FA Cup.

Maintaining Team Integrity

But both players knew that if the team won, as individuals they won. And the team won big time. Yet how can a person work with someone they don’t like? If I don’t like working with someone should I speak my mind and instigate subtle efforts to be abrasive? What if I refused to work with them? The results may not be in your favour. The Manager of the successful football team was notorious for removing players, even superstars, to maintain the integrity of the team. So is the true calibre of the Pro being able to remain professional even if it goes against their personal feelings?

team-building courses londonHow difficult has it been not to rebuke a decision of a senior manager, or even challenge a harsh comment by a client? There are merits to this. Should the individual focus on what’s best for the team even if it means a sacrifice of personal identity?  Is the focus of all-for-one and one-for-all the philosophy to develop that Pro-calibre status? A belief that when people combine effort they simply achieve incredible results, regardless of how we feel about each other.

Merging Personal and Team Identity without Sacrifice

History must be our guide. From monstrous buildings to feats of genetically empowered science, when our minds and efforts merge, we not only reach for the stars, we grab one. It is the strength of the team that consistently outperforms expectations and embodies company ethos. The philosophy that together we stand, with similar ideals and a fierce goal to win, that will reap the rewards.

Pro-Calibre; Raising your Game

That Pro-Calibre can only be defined when I make others feel that their contribution is important, no matter how small. The level of my job status in hierarchy can only add the dynamic potency to this. As a Leader this ability to acknowledge contribution can set a tone of business that all who come in contact will intuitively recognise. And consequently, they will want more exposure to it. This isn’t a feel good factor it is the attitude of wanting to win, to be the best. It raises our game. For most professional coaches there is a line of thought that there are ten qualities that make a great team player. I think there is just one. What do you think? In a team is it the recognition of others that inspires your performance, or is it the pay cheque?

How Relationship Building creates SALES in ABUNDANCE



Is exceptional service anticipation?

The waiter stands there looking at you hopefully. Pleasantly he suggests an entrée you had not considered. ‘Let me make your evening, this is one our finest dishes.’ You study his face. The ambience of the restaurant is a delight, and with a grateful nod you confirm his suggestion. It is agreed that you will consider the main order at your leisure. It is your first visit and there is no need to think too hard over an untried menu. You want to be spoilt with an abundance of service, to have a wonderful experience. The waiter returns with a complimentary glass of house red, anxious to have your opinion. It is anticipating the guests need for being special and the philosophy of sales in abundance.

What opening question can you use?

You meander through a shopping mall, you have things to do so your pace is brisk. Quite unexpectedly a happy sales rep bounces in your way and suggests a moment to refresh in the latest aftershave. The salespersons introduction launches into a question ‘Can you help me, I can’t figure out where I have experienced this scent before, its exquisite?’ Deliberately you engage in the essence, enjoying the enthusiasm and the idea that you could help figure this out? It is an extravagant scent.

Not quite what you expected is it?’ the sales rep confirms. Perspectives are exchanged, you agree it reminds you of something? Memories are siphoned-off, convinced there is something personal worth remembering. The resistance to purchase may not be considered? Something unique, just for me? The essence does remind me of? What opening questions can you use in your sales dialogue?

Is this sales or is it something else?

The car salesman suggests the car-of-the-week, it is the deal to have beyond all others. This is your lucky day. You agree it is a great price considering the make, model and year. For almost an hour you exchange likes and dislikes on cars in general. References to desired engine size and favourite models. You both relate back to the infamous critics of Top Gear. The salesman, Steve with two kids and happily married has a favourite past time of rebuilding MG’s. He points out how much he loves his job, especially meeting enthusiasts. The deal has to be made, he can’t let you leave without you having the bargain of the century. Steve suggests three years of free labour for all servicing. It clenches the deal. It had to be done, but why? Is this sale’s or something else? Sales Training London

A precursor to a great relationship?

How one person can make the other person feel seems to be the lead in the most successful of sales encounters. Consider the guest at the restaurant who the waiter realised just wanted to be spoilt. To have the experience as if the guest was a visiting VIP or diplomat. This isn’t a waiter who is new at the job, this is someone who understands the idea of ‘special’. Go ahead and impress me is all he is looking for.

Consider the perfume sales rep who engages with what does this remind you of, after a personal interlude of their own remarkable nostalgia. Something my famous uncle used to wear. Something to attract attention? Just for fun – the best Linx adverts are delightful reminders of how to suggestive sell from the clients what’s-in-it-for-them view. The case to build an identity between a scent and a customer, much more specific to the individual. The gift of a spontaneous interaction – and my goodness where on earth did the time go?

Or consider the passionate car salesperson who just loves cars, loves talking about them. He just wants to build relationships, he uses three years of servicing to do it. Every client we have is an opportunity to develop a foundation of loyalty and therefore trust. With the ideal that sales are in abundance with every customer is to build the future. It will after all be the best advertising, mission statement, operating standard and brand identity you will ever invest in.