Two simple but effective ideas to build morale in your team

One of the most interesting roles of the manager is the opportunity to build an engaged, motivated team.

Too often we rely on successes and wins to energise or revitalise the workplace spirit. The most dangerous attitude in the business world must be apathy, providing a constant threat to efficiency, productivity and ultimately profitability. Though morale needs nurturing and management, often we rely on skill levels rather than personality.

How to build morale in a team?

One such lesson that I learnt was when I was working in a family-run company. The business did well, yet the morale and atmosphere were built around the hub of its sales team, and the office environment was pretty flat. I just felt it could do a whole lot better. So, two things were introduced to bring change. The first was a great receptionist. The company Directors went looking deliberately for ‘sparkle’. It wasn’t the skill of the telephone system, the booking process or the industry knowledge, they went deliberately searching for that one person who everyone loved to talk to on the phone.

Finding the ‘sparkle’

And wow did they find her! She was an ex-holiday rep with a smile that flooded every intonation of tone and powered every greeting. She was loud, boisterous and pure joy. The clients loved her, the salespeople soaked up her enthusiasm, and the business suddenly had a face, a personality. The energy levels just soared – and how much do you think that sparkle was worth to the business? The phone and computer systems were something that over time could be taught, what she had was natural.

Too often resumes and experience, although logically an important component of a professional’s life, can too easily camouflage the depth of a person’s personality and character. Which as has just been demonstrated, can be so important in what a person can truly bring to the workplace.

Two Person Standing in Silhouette Photography

Bring some fun to the working day

The second thing that was introduced was the ‘afternoon sweet run’. Such a simple thing that had a bit of fun and had so many hidden advantages! An injection of fun (and sugar) at 3pm every day did an amazing thing to raise the energy levels.

It gave the Director who was doing the round (and we had a different person each day) a great way of checking the ‘pulse’ of the business. They could visually assess the state of the team, while at the same time offering themselves in an informal situation to help develop rapport. Out of so many areas that I have tried in the past the sweet run held just so much magic. Such a small daily effort which said so much.

In summary…

Often you may hear managers rhetorically thinking aloud that they wished they could find a cure for this or an answer to that, especially when dealing with morale. Sometimes the solution lies beyond the obvious CV skillset. Sometimes the answer lies in finding that one right catalyst.

What small change could you make to boost the morale of your team?

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How to Deliver Successful Online Training Sessions

Have you been asked to deliver an online or virtual training for your team or your colleagues since the start of the Coronavirus lockdown? You are not the only one!

This article will give you several suggestions to help you deliver virtual training more effectively. Several of these tips also apply if you need to lead virtual meetings.

Keep everyone’s attention

Attention spans are definitely shorter during virtual training. Therefore you, as the Trainer, need to use several different strategies to keep everyone engaged.

Great techniques to keep your audience engaged during virtual training sessions include the following:

  • Asking questions – especially open-ended questions
  • Using participant names
  • Asking participants to write in the chat box
  • Using the interactive digital whiteboard
  • Use a physical whiteboard to write on if you have one

Top View Photo of Girl Watching Video Through Imac

 Minimise text and use more images

When using slides be sure to not write too much text and use interesting images that attract the audience’s attention. The images should relate to the topic and learning objectives as much as possible.

 Ask delegates to stand up and stretch

Rather like a face-to-face training session, delegates can get bored and lose concentration if they are sitting down all day listening to the Trainer speak. It’s therefore important during your virtual sessions to put yourself in the shoes of the audience and ask them to stand up and stretch from time-to-time. This will give their brains a break and moving around will help the blood flow faster in their body, which helps to refocus their attention and engagement level.

Keep sessions shorter

Even if delegates have turned their camera on, it’s still challenging to keep the attention of your delegates in virtual training. With this in mind it’s a good idea to make your workshop shorter than usual face-to-face sessions and make sure to have more breaks. This might include 1-2 short breaks in the morning and 2 or even 3 breaks in the afternoon depending on how long your training lasts.

Try using a quiz or poll

Try using quizzes or polls from websites such as to make the session more fun and exciting. You might also wish to use a Timer app when asking delegates to do activities and to know help them know when they should return from breaks.

Example of a quiz for online training


When delivering virtual training it is essential to adapt your style of delivery to keep your audience engaged.

Which of the above techniques are you going to try to use in your future training sessions?

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